Ostara Traditions and 2024 Tarot Spread


You can finally say “goodbye” to winter’s dark and cold days and “hello” to warmer and longer days. The Spring or Vernal Equinox happens from March 19th to 20th of 2024, and when this happens, the Sun’s direct rays hit the equator, making day and night equal; when the Sun hits the equator after moving up from the Tropic of Capricorn, which is why it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, which marks the beginning of spring. That is when plants begin to grow, flowers bloom, and you can enjoy longer days. Let’s discuss the Sabbat celebrating the Vernal Equinox, Ostara, and its tradition with an Ostara tarot spread to see what energies are in for you this spring.


What is Ostara and its History?

Ostara is one of the eight Sabbats observed in the year cycle, which marks the changing seasons and the cycles of nature.

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The history of Ostara can be traced back to ancient pagan traditions and folklore, as the celebration usually involved a heathen festival that took place to celebrate growth and rebirth. The Sabbat is named after the Germanic goddess Eostre or Ostara, associated with fertility, new beginnings, and the dawn. Eostre was often depicted as a goddess of spring and was associated with the rising sun and the awakening of nature after the long winter.

Various ancient cultures, including the Germanic tribes, Anglo-Saxons, and Norse people, observed the celebration of Ostara. It was a time to honor the rebirth of the Earth and the return of life after the cold and dark winter months. The holiday was marked by rituals, feasts, and festivities that celebrated the fertility of the land and the renewal of life.

What are Some Common Ostara Traditions?

One of the most well-known symbols of Ostara is the egg, which represents fertility and new life. Eggs were often decorated and used in rituals and games during the holiday. Another symbol associated with Ostara is the hare or rabbit, which symbolizes fertility and abundance.

With the spread of Christianity, many pagan traditions and holidays, including Ostara, were assimilated into Christian celebrations. The holiday became associated with Easter, celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Easter” is believed to have been derived from Eostre or Ostara.

Today, Ostara is still celebrated by modern pagans and Wiccans as a time to welcome the arrival of spring, honor the balance between light and dark, and celebrate the renewal of life. It is a time for rituals, meditation, and connecting with nature. Many people also engage in activities such as planting seeds, decorating eggs, and participating in outdoor ceremonies to celebrate the season’s energy.

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It is important to note that Ostara’s history and practices may vary among pagan traditions and individuals. The holiday is often celebrated meaningfully to each person’s spiritual beliefs and connection with nature. Let’s discuss, in detail, what rituals you may want to adopt when celebrating Ostara, whether you are into paganism.

Plant Intentions and Seeds

Spring is here, a sign of new beginnings, which is what Ostara is about, and it is not a coincidence it begins when the start of the zodiac year does, too, as it coincides with Aries. There is no better way to celebrate the Sabbat by planting new seeds. It does not matter if you have a large garden or some indoor plants; you can honor Ostara by planting seeds, as that brings your intention to create some fresh starts and enjoy the best of some new beginnings. However, you will not only plant seeds without setting any intentions. Why not visualize the abundance you want to attract by planting those seeds? You will nurture those seeds by watering them so they can grow along with the abundance you want to attract.

Enjoy Egg Decoration

You may associate egg decoration with Easter, but remember, the Easter traditions stem from Ostara. Therefore, egg decoration is an Ostara tradition. Eggs symbolize new birth, fertility, and life cycle; eggs are associated with the goddess Eostre. Egg decoration with bright colors has been a long-time Ostara tradition, as the bright colors represent vitality. There are many uses for these colored eggs, whether you use them as part of the Ostara feast, use them on your altar, or give them as gifts to friends. However, egg decorating is a fun Ostara tradition.

Enjoy an Ostara Feast

Like any other Sabbat, a feast is part of the celebration, and Ostara is associated with abundance, so having a feast is fitting. Any dish with eggs, such as deviled eggs, quiche, fried or scrambled eggs, or recipes involving eggs, such as in casseroles and various desserts, is normally eaten during an Ostara feast. Any meat is also included in the Ostara feast, whether it is fish, beef, pork, or lamb, or if you are a vegetarian, you can use substitutes. Spring vegetables such as peas and asparagus are included as well. As you prepare your feast, express gratitude for your blessings and abundance that is yet to come.

Do a Spring Cleaning

One excellent way to celebrate Ostara is by doing a spring cleaning, as you are clearing out what no longer suits you from the winter and clearing it away for space you want to use to allow the abundance to come in during the spring. You will want to remove anything old at the back of your fridge, old plants that are dying, and anything that no longer serves you. Open the windows to allow fresh air, and you will want to smudge the area after cleaning with sage or palo santo. You will also want to clean yourself off by taking a salt bath before you start any ceremony.


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Create an Altar for Ostara

Of course, you will be building an altar to celebrate the Sabbat, and you will want to choose a room for the altar that you can use. Before you use that room, smudge it with sage or palo santo. You can use a shelf or a table, and you will want to cover it with a cloth with pastel colors, as they could be green, pink, or yellow, which are colors associated with the Sabbat.

You will also want to add items to decorate your altar, such as colored eggs, bunny statues, fresh flowers, butterfly statues, bird statues, herbs, and anything sacred. Also, green, yellow, or white candles you may want to place on there, as the candles represent the fire element and the return of light. You will also want to add some crystals that resonate with Ostara, such as rose quartz for love and new beginnings, clear quartz for purification, and citrine for abundance.

Another thing you will want to do for Ostara is to do a tarot reading. Let’s now do a collective tarot reading for Ostara.

2024 Ostara Collective Tarot Spread

It is time to do a collective Ostara tarot reading, and here is a four-card spread by Newage Hipster; as you lay the cards from left to right, the card on the left is the first card, whereas the last on the right is the fourth. The first card indicates the seeds and dreams you are planting during Ostara. The second is what they need to grow, and the third represents how you can nurture them and yourself. Finally, the last card represents how to prepare for the arrival of what you are manifesting during Ostara.

Here is what I got:

Card One: Queen of Swords

Card Two: Eight of Cups

Card Three: Nine of Cups

Card Four: Ace of Swords

Let’s break down the reading:

Card One: Queen of Swords

The first card indicates the seeds and dreams you are planting during Ostara, and the Queen of Swords emerges. The Queen of Swords represents intellectual clarity, logic, and clear communication. Therefore, the seeds and dreams you need to plant are related to your ability to think critically and make rational decisions.

You will also need to set boundaries to plant these seeds properly, as you do not want to give too much of yourself to those who will not appreciate it. You want to focus on your mental strength and use your analytical skills to set clear goals and intentions as you manifest what you want.

Card Two: Eight of Cups

This card indicates what your dreams and seeds need to grow, and the Eight of Cups comes up. The Eight of Cups represents a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. This card suggests that for your seeds and dreams to grow, you must relinquish attachments and leave behind what no longer serves you, whether toxic people, bad habits, or anything unfulfilling.

It is time to walk away from anything that no longer serves you. As you do it, you want to explore your emotions, release emotional baggage, and seek new experiences that align with your desires. It will not be easy, but you must allow your dreams to manifest, and this is how you can do that.

Card Three: Nine of Cups

This card indicates how to nurture your dreams and yourself, and the Nine of Cups shows up. The Nine of Cups is often called the “wish card” and represents emotional fulfillment and contentment. It suggests nurturing your seeds and dreams by focusing on your happiness and well-being.

Take time to indulge in self-care, celebrate your achievements, and surround yourself with positive energy. By prioritizing your emotional fulfillment, you will create a nurturing environment for your dreams to flourish. That also means hanging around those who don’t bring you down, and you will go back to the second card for that by letting them go or minimizing contact with them.

Card Four: Ace of Swords

This card tells you how to prepare for their arrival, and the Ace of Swords shows up. The Ace of Swords represents new beginnings, mental clarity, and breakthroughs. This card suggests that to prepare for the arrival of your dreams; you need to harness the power of your mind and embrace new ideas and perspectives that come with what you have manifested.

It is easy to want to manifest something because it is something you want in your life, such as a new relationship, business, or more money, but once you have it, you may not know how to take the best care of it. By staying focused and using your mental strength, you will be prepared to welcome and utilize what you have manifested in the best way possible.

The summary of this Ostara reading tells you that you must be clear about your intentions to manifest what you want. For it to grow, you must remove what no longer serves you, whether bad habits, toxic people, or what no longer fulfills you. What will help nurture you and grow your dreams? You want to hang around those who will make you feel good and focus on gratitude. Once you have manifested what you want, you must be clear on how to use and manage it well. It is a gift, as you do not want it to go to waste.

The Ostara Sabbat, also known as the Spring Equinox, represents the celebration of the arrival of spring and the balance between light and dark. It is a time of renewal, growth, and fertility. During this Sabbat, people celebrate the return of longer days and the awakening of the Earth. It is a time to honor the rebirth of nature, the blooming of flowers, and the sprouting of new life. The energy of Ostara is associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and the potential for growth and transformation. Ostara represents balance, harmony, and the cyclical nature of life.

People celebrate Ostara by participating in rituals and activities that symbolize fertility, such as planting seeds, decorating eggs, and creating flower arrangements. It is also a time to connect with the natural world, spend time outdoors, and appreciate the beauty of nature’s awakening.

It reminds you of balancing your lives and embracing growth and change cycles. It is a time to set intentions, plan, and act toward our goals and desires, and the tarot reading shows you how to manifest your dreams.

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