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Things have not gone well for celebrity Ellen DeGeneres (Wikipedia bio) in 2020.
Her views of being ‘in prison’ in her multimillion dollar mansion during Covid isolation faced criticism. And what has been published about her TV show operations has been a surprise. Some say DeGeneres and her production team were not as friendly as you might think. So let’s look at Ellen DeGeneres’ horoscope.

Ellen DeGeneres horoscope
Pic of Ellen DeGeneres by robpaulrevolt2008. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

According to Astrodatabank, DeGeneres was born January 26th, 1958, at 8:43am in Metairie, Louisiana. This data is rated ‘A’ in terms of accuracy. Which means it is reasonably accurate. Using this data, her horoscope looks like this:

Ellen DeGeneres horoscope

I notice DeGeneres’ horoscope clearly reflects the two main ‘versions’ of her.

On the one side, is the sweet and quirky imaginative version most fans understandably adore – the ‘Public Side’

And then there’s the tougher, more assertive side; which is … not so apparent. It provides underlying drive, assertiveness and bluntness: what I’ll call the ‘Private Side.’


Her Sun in Aquarius is conjunct (i.e. ‘next to’) Venus in the 12th house, shown by the red circle above. The 12th is usually considered a private part of ourselves. People with Sun conjunct Venus typically have charm, sweetness (Venus) wrapped around their sense of self, their identity (Sun). They can come across as ‘loveable.’ Aquarius is about groups, so this is where these characteristics can shine well.

In addition to this, her Sun-Venus conjunction is opposite Uranus – blue arrow, above. This adds Uranian quirkiness, unpredictability and eccentricity to her Sun-Venus themes.

But wait, there’s more!

Her Sun-Venus and Uranus are both in a square aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio (green arrow). And Jupiter is conjunct Neptune. This square aspect adds imagination and fantasy (Neptune), expansion and optimism (Jupiter) to the way DeGeneres operates. And vice versa, as we shall see.

All of the above combined, form what astrologers call a ‘T-Square.’ And a T-Square amplifies the energies involved, focusing them on the mid-point planets involved, the foot of the T. For DeGeneres this mid-point is her Neptune-Jupiter conjunction.

Which means that imagination, fantasy, and enthusiasm (Neptune-Jupiter) are a focal point of the way she operates. Or the way she can choose to operate. And in a fairly intense (Scorpio) way.

And finally, DeGeneres’ Ascendant (aka ‘Rising Sign’) is in Pisces (red arrow, above), ruled by Jupiter. With Jupiter in such a strong and intense T-Square focal point, it greatly amplifies her personality (Ascendant ruler), which comes across as collective, sharing (Pisces Ascendant).

You can get a visual sense of her T-Square from the red line and arrow, below.

Ellen DeGeneres horoscope



This is quite different to the Public Side of Ellen DeGeneres’ horoscope.

But it is perhaps more reflective of what she is also like to people who know her personally. These differences are not just unique to DeGeneres. Plenty of us have different patterns in our charts. Some of which are ‘on show,’ and some … not so much.

Let’s start with DeGeneres’ Saturn and Mars conjunction, shown by the orange circle, above.

Saturn is ruler (aka ‘dispositor’) of both Aquarius^ (the sign her Sun-Venus inhabits) and Capricorn (where her Mercury – blue arrow above – lives). Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, where her Neptune and Jupiter live. And Aries, where her Moon (green arrow above) is placed.

Sun, Venus and also Mercury (communication) therefore ‘look up’ to Saturn for guidance. Neptune, Jupiter and Moon (emotions) likewise look up to Mars.

Her Saturn and Mars are conjunct in fire sign Sagittarius, in her 10th house. Any planets in the 10th house are given prominence in horoscopes. And here we have Mars (energy) and Saturn (discipline) working together as underlying drivers and governors of the signs her Sun, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury occupy.

In a positive sense, Saturn and Mars here can indicate endurance, drive and self-discipline. Particularly in the area of career (10th house). Used well, it could be a complementary opposite to the sweet and quirky Public Side. Used poorly, it could be abrupt, blunt, tough, non-nonsense pragmatism. Qualities that may  seem contrary to the sweet, quirky imaginative side presented to the world.

DeGeneres Moon (feelings, emotions) in Aries also indicates fiery emotional no-nonsense directness are themes of her actual emotional life.


Sweet sense of self (Venus, Sun) with a quirky twist (Uranus). Amplified, imagined (Jupiter, Neptune) and part of her personality (Ascendant).

Yet … action, disciplined and forceful expression in career (Mars, Saturn in the 10th). Emotionally direct and fiery (Moon in Aries). DeGeneres’ most public signature (Mars, Saturn) remains rather hidden. Whilst her more private theme (Sun, Venus) appears to be more viewable.

Behind the scenes, in the real world, she is actually a mixture of all of the above.

And all of us have various themes in our horoscope. But what intrigues me is how separate and how different these two versions of DeGeneres are. For some reason, she chose to separate them out entirely for her show. Yet constructively combined, I’m sure she would be seen and appreciated if she shared her ‘real-self’ combination.

^Some astrologers consider Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius. I used to agree. But these days, I stick with the Aquarius ruler used for many, many years in astrology – Saturn.

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