Mercury Conjunct Chiron – The Story Of Your Wound


On March 20th, 2024, Mercury is conjunct Chiron at 18° Aries

Mercury conjunct Chiron is an opportunity to dig deep into wounds, identify self-sabotaging patterns, and reframe our understanding of ourselves.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron In Aries – Why It’s Important

Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries is not your typical Mercury transit.


Because Mercury will spend an unusually long time in Aries due to its upcoming retrogradation.

Mercury will stay within the conjunction orb with Chiron and the North Node for a very long time, activating opportunities to revisit and rewrite self-sabotaging patterns of thinking. 

During this transit (which is active until May 7th, 2024), we can find healing by addressing old wounds and embracing new perspectives that align with our highest potential.

The Mercury-Chiron conjunction on March 20th, 2024 is the first conjunction in a series of 3. The other conjunctions happen on April 15th, 2024, at 20° Aries (with Mercury retrograde) and the 3rd on May 7th, 2024, at 21° Aries. 

While the exact dates mark the energy peak of the transit, Mercury conjunct Chiron is active for the whole period – from now until mid-May. This is an intense transit that will influence every single one of us. 

Mercury Conjunct Chiron In Aries – The Identity Wound

The Mercury-Chiron conjunction happens in the sign of Aries. Aries is the sign of “I am”. Aries is our identity.

Therefore, Mercury conjunct Chiron will be triggering our identity wound

No matter how confident and accomplished we are, we all have a deeply ingrained identity wound, because we all suffered at some point from feelings of rejection and abandonment. 

Whenever someone abandoned or rejected us, it inherently questioned our existence. “Do I have the right to be here?” “Does my existence really matter?” “Who am I?” 

These are the fundamental questions that the Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries will bring to the surface.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron – The Story Of Your Identity Wound

Mercury in astrology represents the ‘general narrative’ the way we make sense of the world, the overall accepted ‘story’, what we tell ourselves, what we believe to be true. 

Therefore, Mercury conjunct Chiron will reveal the ‘general narrative’ or the story of our Chiron wound. More precisely, the story of our identity wound (Chiron in Aries). 

The story of our wound can be traced through our family lineage, potentially spanning generations back.

North Node in Aries  is also involved in this transit; Mercury is not only conjunct Chiron, but also the North Node. 

Lunar Nodes show up all the time in family dynamics, highlighting patterns that are inherited through generations. If the South Node is past karma that needs to be released and transformed, the North Node is the opportunity to change our karma, and rewrite our destiny. 

When Mercury aligns with Chiron and the North Node, we have a unique opportunity to delve into the deeply ingrained patterns inherited from our family, and understand the ways they have affected our sense of individuality and purpose.

Here are examples of Mercury-Chiron in Aries narratives that may arise in the next weeks:

I am flawed

This is when the person believes – due to real experiences of rejection or interpreted cues from their family, that they are flawed, perhaps because their family wanted a child with different qualities, of a different gender, or with a different appearance. 

This rejection drives them to alter their personality so that they conform to what is expected. This approach is, of course, self-defeating because we can only be ourselves, NOT someone else.

I am a burden

The child was born ‘by accident’, or in a family with material problems or other types of burdens. The child was either abandoned in the hands of other family members or caregivers and/or was made feel like a burden. 

They might have been told “I have sacrificed myself for you”, basically accused of being an obstacle, preventing the parent from fulfilling their own goals. 

I am a carbon copy of my family

In this narrative, the child was expected to adopt the family’s values, beliefs, social behavior, or social status. Any deviation from the ‘norm’ was seen as a betrayal. 

Unconsciously, the child believes their existence is validated only within the context of the family ‘story’, and that they cannot ‘exist’ outside this story. Therefore, their unique individuality is invalidated and denied.

The child grappling with this narrative believes they can’t surpass their family members. For instance, if no family member went to university, the child may sabotage themselves and ‘fail’ the exams to enter university so that they don’t change the family narrative.

I am a sinner

In this narrative, the child internalizes a sense of wrongdoing or guilt associated with natural impulses, desires, or pleasures. 

Due to sexual repression, religious or cultural beliefs, the family’s imposition of restrictive norms leads the child to perceive their innate instincts and desires as sinful or morally wrong. 

This internal conflict inhibits the child from fully embracing life, trusting their instincts, and realizing their potential.

In all these narratives, the Aries-like qualities of assertiveness, independence, and self-expression are stifled. 

These scenarios are not meant to foster resentment towards our family, nor to make us feel like victims. 

In fact, the more we look into these family dynamics, the more we understand the deep roots of these patterns. Our parents have likely inherited these stories from their own parents, and this goes back through generations.

However, just because these stories exist for decades – or even centuries – this doesn’t mean we must continue to perpetuate them.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron In Aries – Healing The Identity Wound

The good news is that the upcoming Mercury-Chiron transit – accompanied by the North Node – is a unique opportunity to 1) understand the deeper dynamics of this identity wound and 2) rewrite this script that has been passed down for generations.

Your family (his)story has shaped you, but it does not define you. You can break the cycle. You can rewrite the script. 

You are not flawed. You are you – a unique individual who may or may not resemble what your family expects or desires. Your worth is inherent and not defined by others’ perceptions of you.

You are not a burden. There are a myriad of factors that need to align for a child to be born. You are here for a reason; the fact that you were born in some difficult circumstances does not invalidate your existence.

You are not a carbon copy of your family. While we share DNA with our relatives, we are all unique individuals, with a unique story and individual mission to fulfill. Your identity is not confined to the expectations or limitations set by your family.

You are not a sinner. Pleasure is the portal to our essence and personal creativity. You CAN trust your impulses and your creative genius. They will direct you toward fulfillment and authenticity.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron – The Gift Inside The Wound 

You may wonder – then why all these struggles? Why do we have to experience the wound and the challenges associated with it?

Because there is a hidden treasure in the wound.

It’s all the things we do to heal, all the lessons we learn, and all the strengths we develop to overcome adversity that shape our unique potential, eventually transforming our wound into our greatest gift.

The upcoming Mercury-Chiron conjunction on March 20th, 2024 is just the beginning of the unveiling of the ‘wound story’. More and more layers will be revealed as the transit develops over the next few weeks. 

In addition to Mercury conjunct Chiron and North Node, we have two powerful eclipses; a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th, 2024, with Mercury conjunct Chiron and the North Node, and a Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th, 2024, exactly conjunct Chiron. 

These transits come with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rewrite our karmic patterns. 

This time we can truly break the cycle.

The upcoming weeks will offer more clues on what exactly we need to do to rewrite the story of our wound so we can unlock our full potential, and live the life we are meant to be living. 

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