Best Gifts For Husbands


best gifts for husbands and partners 2023

Looking for the best gifts for husbands and partners? This list has something for everyone from style to tech gadgets to music!

best gifts for husbands and partners

*Originally published 11/2019. Updated 11/2023*

Hi friends!

What are the best gifts for husbands or in-laws? These groups can be notoriously hard to buy for and my goal is to make your life a little easier. You can check out the Best Gifts for In-laws and Parents here.

Husbands and partners can be tricky to buy for, especially if you’ve been together a long time and they already seem to have everything they need and want.

But I spent some time researching, polling my followers and thinking about my own husband and I think I’ve come up with a pretty good list of ideas!

So here you go!

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Best Gifts for Husbands

build your own six pack gift idea

Favorites Box

An easy one to personalize!

  • My mom always gave my dad a bunch of single bottles of different beers growing up and it was fun to watch him open them. She now does the same thing for my husband.
  • Not into beer? Grab a few of their drink of choice and pair it with their favorite snacks!
  • Or go a different route and grab them some different new or local coffees, jerky, spice rubs etc. Check out Man Crates for more ideas.

custom socks gift for dads


There are lots of both fun and practical things you can get them!

  • I got my hubby socks with our cat’s face from Pupsocks on them a couple of years ago and they were a huge hit! Now you can get ones with kids’ faces on them as well! Check out their website or find them on Amazon
  • Not into socks? Try shoes!
  • Or slippers. These Ugg Slippers for men come highly recommended.
  • Comfortable casual pants are always a hit. Try these Lululemon ABC joggers.
  • If he likes to work out, a silicone ring can help keep his wedding ring from getting all scratched up. We like Qalo rings

weather tech floor liners for men


If you’re married to a car guy, here are some ideas:

  • I’ve gotten my hubby a gift certificate for a mobile car detailing service that comes to you and makes your car look brand new on the inside. (Hint- this would also be a great gift for most mamas!)
  • A prepaid car wash
  • Weather tech floor liners
  • AAA membership
  • Weather tech mug coffee cup holder – My husband loves his Yeti with a handle so this thing fits in the cup holder and lets him bring the mug-style Yeti in the car

apple watch for husband gift


I’m always on the hunt for new electronic gadgets:

  • Check out these Tile finders if your hubby is constantly losing things! They come in various sizes to help you find things like keys, wallets, remotes etc!
  • A wireless charging pad
  • Apple Watch if you wanna get fancy.
  • Bluetooth speaker – My husband loves this to have on our screened porch so he can listen to music
  • Sunrise alarm – If he’s a heavy sleeper, this can help him ease into waking up

record player gift idea for men


Got a music lover? Try one of these gifts:

  • Subscription to an unlimited music service like Spotify, Napster or Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Wireless headphones like AirPods – choose noise-cancelling if that’s important!
  • Concert tickets
  • Record player – Very trendy right now, reasonably priced and fun to listen to

wireless noise cancelling headphones


If your hubby spends a lot of time commuting in the car, on the subway etc, here are a few things to consider:

  • Wireless Noise-canceling Headphones (You’ll have to do your own research for the best pick for your pricepoint – there’s everything from $50 ones to $300 ones )
  • NY Times online subscription to keep up on the news
  • Audible or Kindle Unlimited subscription if they like to read or listen to books or podcasts
  • Yeti – to keep their coffee hot!
  • Portable charger – perfect for keeping in the car for an extra charge

sock of the month club

Subscription Box

They have them for pretty much everything now so find one that fits his interest to try out!

meat smoker gift idea for men

Food & Drink

If he likes to cook, grill etc there are lots of good options!

  • Meat Smoker – Try this more affordable option or go fancy with something like a Big Green Egg
  • Wireless Thermometer – Perfect for smoking, grilling etc so he can monitor temp from his phone
  • Ooni Pizza Oven – If he loves pizza night, i’ve heard nothing but good things about these
  • Ninja Coffee Maker – Upgrade his basic coffee pot to something a little fancier!
  • Nutribullet – Perfect for making a single-serve post-workout smoothie
  • Blackstone – trendy right now and fun if he likes to grill!

solo stove


A few other things that didn’t fit anywhere else:

  • Drone – A fun little toy for them to play around with
  • Solo Stove – Perfect for family nights around the fire. We love ours
  • Waterpik – My husband loves this instead of flossing
  • Projector – An easy way to take game day or movie nights to the next level. We have this projector and this screen to go with it.
  • Theragun – If he works out, this is a handy tool. Or try a trigger point massage hook.
  • Dumbbells – For the days when he can’t get to the gym, having a set at home can help him squeeze in a great workout.
  • Leatherman Multitool – Comes in handy for all sorts of little tasks (especially opening packages!)

The best gifts for husbands in 2024

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