Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Silk | Review & Samples


The Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Silk* will satisfy your desire for a bronze tone. The new eyeshadow palette is satisfyingly small and contains four neutral shimmer shades from light champagne to true bronze for gilded eyes.

My eye makeup has been pretty matte over the last few years, a new eyeshadow palette is coming to my desk with exciting shades and I'll only be dipping my brush into the warm, matte brown tones. I'm a creature of habit. A quick (and fail-safe) swipe over the eyelids and you're ready to go. But the Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Silk, which costs £48, is seasonally appropriate and my matte eyeshadow collection is crying out for it. And who doesn't love something shiny, shimmery and new?

With four easy-to-carry sunglasses and minimal, plastic-free packaging, you won't have to get lost between sunglasses and your dressing table won't be overcrowded. The lighter shades “Linen” and “Sunbeam” are not as pigmented as the second half of the palette, but apply and look beautiful. For more pigment, you can use your fingers or press your brush into the palette, then apply a quick spritz of water or makeup setting spray before applying to the lids. I found that worked best. It binds the pigment and provides a more intense, opaque and smooth color finish, which I like better. Once dry, it blends more easily into the skin without leaving visible lines or edges. And if the top of your eyeshadow becomes hard when applied wet, take a clean spoolie brush and gently peel off the pan.

The shades

Linen is a light champagne

Sunbeam is a true yellow gold

Sandal is a deep reddish brown

Copper is a true bronze

Additionally, for a limited time, Victoria Beckham Beauty is donating 20% ​​of its net sales to Feeding America and the Trussel Trust in the UK to support their COVID-19 relief efforts.

Are you a fan of Victoria's pocket-sized palettes?

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