The 10 Best Sex Toys for Women, According to a Sex Writer Who Tried Them All


Wet For Her RockHer mini scissor vibrator

One of the first things I was taught as a baby queer about vulva-on-vulva sex is that scissors are nothing. Despite what lesbian porn I had dabbled in suggested, I was told that scissoring was impossible—awkward, frustrating, and not stimulating all the right places. So I was particularly surprised by this scissor vibrator from queer retailer Wet For Her. This vibe is unique and revolutionary when it comes to queer sex. Not only does it make shearing possible, but it does it really damn well. Whether you share one with your partner or use two at the same time, RockHer is head and shoulders above other queer sex toys simply because it makes possible what I thought was a myth.

Business Wet for her

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