6 R29 editors style FP Movement’s bright, bold and best-selling fleece


When it comes to embodying gorp-core vibes while maximizing coziness, the FP Movement Mountain High 1/2 Zip Fleece is hard to beat. As for the specs, this $98 jacket features smooth, fuzzy fabric, two front zippered pockets, a high neckline with the signature half-zip closure, a bottom drawstring hem, and some sturdy nylon cuffs. Style-wise, this purchase hits all the trendy boxes: oversized fit, boxy silhouette, bold color blocking (available in six different combinations), and adorable, comfortable aesthetic. Just like all of FP Movement’s other staples, this jacket has found its way into our closets, but how does it stack up against the brand’s other all-star offerings? Find out below as six of us R29 editors (and self-proclaimed experts on the FP movement) share our first impressions and honest opinions on this stunning fleece.

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