Chiron Conjunct North Node In Aries – Breaking The Cycle


On February 19th, 2024 the North Node is conjunct Chiron at 16° Aries. This is one of the most important transits of the year. 

When slow moving archetypes like outer planets, Centaurus or Lunar Nodes meet in a conjunction, it is always significant, simply because we don’t have these types of transits very often. 

Chiron takes 50 years to orbit the Sun; the Nodes 18 years. The last time Chiron and North Node met in a conjunction was in 2008. That was a pretty important year for all of us. 

To understand how this conjunction will influence us, let’s first delve into the nature of Chiron and the North Node. 

Chiron And The North Node

Chiron is our deepest wound, and also the gift that emerges when this wound is embraced and alchemised. 

Chiron is one of the top astrology-related searches on the internet; there is something about Chiron, there is something about the enigmatic nature of the wounded healer archetype and the promise of healing.

The Lunar Nodes are abstract points where the paths of the Sun and Moon intersect, signifying the intersection of our past and future – our karmic journey. 

The South Node is more directly connected to our past karma; when we talk of karma in a resigned, “I can’t change this” fatalistic type of way, we refer to the South Node. 

The North Node, on the other hand, is the opportunity to change our karma, and rewrite our destiny.
Lunar Nodes show up all the time in family dynamics, highlighting patterns that are inherited through generations (and as some say, across soul incarnations). If the South Node is past karma that needs to be released and transformed, the North Node is inviting new karma in.

The North Node still deals with our karma because it deals with our direction in life. But it’s that direction in life we can change. As long as we are alive – no matter how old we are – we can still change our life. We can still fulfill our human potential. 

Chiron Conjunct North Node In Aries – Why It’s Important

Astrology lovers are equally fascinated with Chiron, and the North Node – and for good reasons. 

Both archetypes speak about elements of our existence that feel elusive, fated, and at the same very significant.

It’s said that Chiron is the “wound that never heals”. The North Node is our “life purpose”.

These are transformative archetypes that profoundly shape our understanding of ourselves and our path in life.

So when Chiron and the North Node meet, it’s a big deal, because we have a unique opportunity to understand how our deepest wound – and the healing of this wound – aligns with the broader context of our life purpose.

The reason we call the “Chiron wound” the “deepest wound” is because it eludes easy understanding. It is subtle. It goes beyond conscious memory. In most cases, it can be traced generations back, lingering beneath the surface of our consciousness, yet profoundly influencing our lives and behaviors.

We need a fresh, revolutionary perspective to break the conditioning of this deep Chiron wound.

And that’s exactly what the North Node offers. 

When the North Node meets Chiron, we have a unique opportunity to look at this wound from a different angle, and re-write our karmic patterns. This time we can truly break the cycle.

The Wound Of Existence And The Chiron Dilemma 

Chiron is said to be our deepest wound, but also our greatest gift. 

Our deepest wound, because it stems from the depths of our psyche. 

Our greatest gift – because healing that deep wound leaves a type of legacy that transcends individual suffering, and becomes a guiding light for generations to come. 

The Chiron wound – as we know from the Chiron myth, but also from experiential observation – is primarily related to abandonment and rejection. Chiron was born half-human, half-horse. Disgusted by his appearance, his parents abandon him. 

But if we dig deeper we can understand the real reason for this rejection. 

Kronos (Saturn), his father, turned himself into a horse to seduce Philyra (a young maiden). 

So the result of the gene pool was Chiron; we inherit 50% of the genes from our father, and 50% from our mother, and so did Chiron, hence being born half-horse, half-human.

So Kronos and Philyra didn’t reject Chiron simply because he was ‘ugly’ – they rejected him because he reminded them of themselves.

We could go as far as to say that they didn’t reject Chiron; they rejected themselves; more exactly, they rejected their genetic legacy, as a living potential of their shared essence. 

When people are not happy with themselves, or with the place they’re at in their life, they will unconsciously reject, or find flaws in everything they create. 

If this dissatisfaction is overcompensated, the newborn becomes a container of parental aspirations. “I don’t believe I’m capable of achieving my dreams, so I project them onto you, my child, to fulfill in my stead.”

The child becomes a vessel for their parents’ aspirations, unfulfilled desires, missed potential and unresolved traumas.

Either because they see the child as a ‘mini-me’, or, in their desire to bring the best possible opportunities to their child, parents may unconsciously create scenarios that don’t necessarily allow a spontaneous expression of the child’s unique gifts and individuality. “I always wanted to be a musician, so I’ll take my child to piano lessons”. 

While passing down our legacy is a natural inclination, this guided path can inadvertently stifle the child’s self-discovery and authentic expression.
Yet, there is value in this ‘guided framework’ because it provides a foundation from which the child can explore their interests and talents, offering a sense of direction and purpose. 

And it’s exactly this dynamic (working with, vs. fighting against ancestral legacy) that propels the individual towards growth and self-realization.

It’s the Chiron existential dilemma that initiates a quest for self-discovery. The Chiron wound comes packaged with our existence. It’s part of being human. 

We sometimes find ourselves feeling resentful towards our parents and society. “You made me this way, it’s your fault”. 

But we forget that that’s how life works. We are biological beings. We have DNA – and DNA is designed to pass down not just biological traits but also emotional and psychological legacies.

Generational trauma has its silver lining. If our ancestors experienced a traumatic event and then had children, this means they’ve survived; they’ve ‘made it’ – and passed on that resilience and survival instinct to us. 

Being angry with our parents, our society, or God it’s like being angry with physics, biology or nature. 

This is not to absolve them from wrongdoings, or ‘forgive’ without proper processing. The Chiron work is not about “letting go” – if “letting go” means neglecting, denying, or brushing under the carpet the wounds and traumas that need to be acknowledged and healed. 

The ‘Chiron work’ is about working within the framework of our humanity – with its beauty and limitations. It’s through the acceptance and integration of our ancestral legacy that we transcend mere existence to find our wholeness, and ultimately reveal our unique gift.

Chiron Conjunct North Node In Aries – Who Am I? 

The Chiron-North Node conjunction happens in Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac. Aries is our identity.
Chiron conjunct North Node in Aries will ask us to answer some very important questions:

Who am I? Who am I stripped of layers of conditioning, family history and expectations? 

What makes me feel ALIVE?  What ignites my passion and compels me to engage with the world around me?

Aries is the LIFE energy, that seed that only needs a spark of ignition to burst into existence. Connect with that spark, with that primal energy that sets everything into motion – from the Big Bang, to your first breath.
You are ALIVE.

You are here for a reason, and it’s never too late to embrace your purpose and make a difference in the world. 

Chiron Conjunct North Node In Aries – Breaking The Cycle  

We’re connected with our family through genes and shared experiences. There’s an unbreakable connection. For deep healing and personal growth to happen, at some point, we need to understand how these family knots have shaped our identity. 

Complex trauma, PTSD, phobias, and unresolved emotional patterns are all rooted in unspoken legacies passed down from generation to generation. Chances are, if you can’t make sense of what’s ‘wrong’ with your life, there’s something inherited at play. 

Look at your family history. Do you see repeating themes? Addictions? Relationship patterns?

Perhaps your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents didn’t have the opportunity to process everything. What is not processed, is passed down. 

Your history has shaped you, but it does not define you. You can break the cycle. You can rewrite the script. 

Pay attention to any insights and downloads that come to you around February 19th, 2024 when Chiron is exactly conjunct the North Node.

While nothing concrete may happen right away, the transit will awaken something inside of you, something that will become obvious in March-April, when we have an Aries stellium, including an Eclipse conjunct Chiron.

Chiron conjunct North Node in Aries is your opportunity to reclaim your identity and change the trajectory of your lineage. It’s your unique chance to break free from inherited patterns and create a new narrative for yourself and future generations.

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