Engagement Rings for $100000 – Top 30 Guide by EDJ


If you have a $100000 budget for purchasing the perfect engagement ring, then you can select high-quality, luxurious, rare diamonds and gemstones that will leave your bride speechless. When spending that amount of money, you certainly want to ensure you’re buying a ring that’s worth it. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 30 engagement rings for a $100000 budget.

1. Wicklow Ring

ring with emerald-cut diamond in four double prongs between tapered baguette diamonds

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Wicklow Ring

A stunning combination of diamonds and 18k white gold comprise the exquisite Wicklow Ring. The center diamond is an emerald-cut, 3.07-carat diamond with the highest grade in color (D). What’s more, a tapered baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder and emphasizes the center stone’s quality and sparkle. Finally, it was handcrafted circa 1960 making it a vintage ring.

2. Norristown Ring 

enormous rose-cut pear-shaped diamond on delicate diamond-adorned mounting

Price: $92,000. Learn more about the Norristown Ring.

In a word, the Norristown Ring is elegant. Most importantly, this ring features a stunning prong-set rose-cut pear-shaped center diamond of 6.00 carats. Additionally, small micro-pavé diamonds adorn the prongs, shoulders, and the entire gallery rail. This delicate ring is a prime example of a low-complexity design yielding high levels of luxury and style.

3. Hudson Ring

round ring featuring enormous diamond surrounded by deep green emeralds

Price: $95,000. Learn more about the Hudson Ring.

This breathtaking emerald halo ring features a 5.91-carat old European-cut diamond surrounded by a 1.00-carat halo of calibré-cut emeralds. The stunning halo is bordered by fine milgrain on either side, and the under-gallery is decorated by beautiful openwork. Finally, this platinum ring displays additional single-cut diamonds set in kite-shaped bezels on each shoulder

4. The Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring a large center diamond and a minimal design

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Our next recommendation may not have a fancy name, but it certainly is no less impressive.

The center diamond is a round, brilliant-cut diamond weighing 5.09 carats. Due to the four-pronged setting, the diamond looks even larger. A tapered baguette-cut diamond adorns each shoulder, connecting the center stone to the platinum band. The band doesn’t have any details or engravings, so all the attention remains on the three beautiful diamonds.

5. Marbury Ring

three-stone diamond engagement rings featuring cushion-cut stones and platninum

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Marbury Ring.

The beautiful three-stone Marbury Ring features an antique cushion-cut center diamond GIA-certfiied as 3.53 carats with G color and VS1 clarity. The accompanying stones are also both antique cushion-cut stones; they are both GIA-certified as G color and VS1 clarity, while one 0.96 carats and the other is 0.93 carats. Finally, the platinum shank displays a dazzling array of mircro-pavé diamonds.

6. Dutchess Ring

ring with large round diamond set in prongs between tapered baguette diamonds

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Dutchess Ring

Handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1950, the vintage Dutchesss Ring revolves around a large 4.25-carat old European-cut diamond weighing 4.25 carats, with two tapered baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders that add to its beauty. Due to their specific position and angle, the shoulders look transparent. In short, this ring is a true classic.

7. Crawford Ring

octagonal ring featuring Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by deep blue sapphire halo

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Crawford Ring.

If the bride is a fan of halos or sapphires, or better yet both, then you should consider the magnificent Crawford Ring. Decorated with four pavé-set diamonds on each shoulder, openwork in the under-gallery, and fine milgrain bordering the French-cut sapphire halo, this ring is rather graceful and stylish. However, the star of this ring is its antique Asscher-cut 5.03-carat diamond.

8. Haydon Ring

solitaire platinum engagement ring featuring a very large diamond set in prongs

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Haydon Ring.

This antique Art Deco Era solitaire ring was crafted in platinum circa 1920. The 5.81-carat old European-cut diamond is prong-set on a crown. Additionally, this classic engagement ring features detailed hand engravings along the shoulders and shank. There’s no doubt that whoever receives such an impressive ring will be beyond happy.

9. Shoreham Ring

round ring featuring a large center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo

Price: $65,500. Learn more about the Shoreham Ring.

For an excellent choice that will save you money, this outstanding platinum engagement ring features a 4.37-carat, bezel-set, old European-cut center diamond with a surrounding halo of pavé-set diamonds. Fine milgrain borders either side of the halo, while additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. Finally, a prominent and beautiful display of diamond-set leaf motif openwork decorates the gallery.

10. Hartford Ring

minimal white gold diamond engagement ring featuring tapered baguette diamonds on shoudlers

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Hartford Ring

If more delicate and traditional pieces appeal to you and your bride, then we recommend the Hartford Ring. The large center diamond is GIA-certified as 4.24 carats with K color and VS1 clarity. Additionally, a tapered baguette-cut diamond adorns each of the shoulders. Finally, this vintage treasure was handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1970.

11. Scandia Ring

white gold ring with fancy pink marquise diamond surrounded by triple halo

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Scandia Ring.

This distinctive and glamorous 18k white gold ring features a marquise-cut fancy light pink center diamond GIA-certified as 1.02 carats with VS2 clarity and set in 18k yellow gold.

The yellow gold setting also supports a halo of smaller fancy pink diamonds. What’s more, an additional halo of round brilliant-cut white diamonds surrounds the first, while a cluster of even more diamonds encloses them both. Finally, rows of diamonds adorn the tri-split shank.

12. Bauer Ring

ring with large diamond in four double prongs between four baguette diamonds

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Bauer Ring.

This ring is nothing short of glorious- it features a 4.26-carat, prong-set, old European-cut center diamond certified by the GIA. Two baguette-cut accent diamonds embellish each shoulder, while eight additional round brilliant diamonds adorn each side of the gallery. Finally, this beautiful engagement ring was handcrafted in platinum, and the additional diamonds total 1.00 carat.

13. Tropea Ring

huge cushion-cut diamond within vibrant green emerald halo on platinum mounting

Price: $88,000. Learn more about the Tropea Ring.

If the bride’s color is green, then consider this emerald halo ring.

The antique cushion-cut center diamond is 5.49 carats and is surrounded by a calibré French-cut emerald halo that continues down the shoulder. An emerald triangle connects the center diamond to each shoulder. The total emerald weight is 2.10 carats. Finally, this handcrafted platinum ring features swirling pattern openwork along the gallery.

14. Hillcrest Ring

platinum ring featuring large deep red ruby flanked by shield-cut diamonds

Price: $120,000. Learn more about the Hillcrest Ring

If you’re flexible with your budget, then we highly recommend spending a bit extra for the impeccable Hillcrest Ring.

Rubies symbolize love, loyalty, wisdom, and wealth. Hence, it’s no wonder that a natural ruby is the center stone of this luxurious engagement ring. The heated cushion-cut ruby weighs an impressive 12.98 carats and originates from Burma. Two shield-cut diamonds on the shoulders emphasize the ruby’s size and color.

15. Devon Ring

uniquely shaped ring featuring round center diamond and diamond-set embellishments

Price: $70,000. Learn more about the Devon Ring.

This absolutely stunning platinum engagement ring features an old European-cut center diamond of 4.22 carats. Additional diamonds constituting 1.40 carats are found decorating much of the ring. Diamonds are set along the entire gallery, with larger ones where the shoulders begin. The shoulders are tapered and diamonds adorn their perimeter.

16. Paterson Ring

7.07ct Center Emerald Cut Yellow Diamond  Halo Ring - Paterson Ring - Hand Video

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Paterson Ring.

For a bold and unique option, we recommend the enchanting Paterson Ring. This large piece features a gargantuan 7.07-carat emerald-cut fancy light-yellow center diamond surrounded by a double halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, micro-pavé diamonds rest along the split shoulders and down the shank. Finally, the mounting is platinum while the center stone is set in a yellow gold bezel.

17. Bergon Ring

delicate micro-pavé platinum ring with cushion-cut center diamond and side diamonds

Price: $96,000. Learn more about the Bergon Ring.

The Bergon can be summed up in two words: luxury and elegance. The stunning rose-cut cushion-shaped antique center diamond is GIA-certified as 3.11 carats with the highest possible color grade (D) and VS1 clarity. The impressive main stone is enough to grab attention, but even more diamonds elevate this ring even further.

Each of the side diamonds weighs approximately 0.75 carats, while small micro-pavé diamonds line the delicate shank.

18. Colborne Ring 

minimal ring featuring emerald-cut diamond surrounded by halo of baguette cuts

Price: $80,000. Learn more about the Colborne Ring.

This next ring features a 3.00-carat, emerald-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of baguette and trapezoid-cut diamonds. The shoulders are set with round brilliant-cut diamonds while openwork patterns decorate the under-gallery. The center stone of this platinum ring is also very very slightly included and is GIA-certified.

19. Milltown Ring

yellow gold solitaire ring featuring a large diamond in four double prongs

Price: $90,000. Learn more about the Milltown Ring

For those who don’t like overcomplicating things, the Milltown is a straightforward solitaire ring with an impressive diamond on an 18k yellow gold mounting. The huge center stone of this subtle yet luxurious piece is GIA-certified as 5.01 carats with L color and VVS2 clarity in a cushion cut. The four double prongs obscure only enough of the diamond to ensure a secure hold.

20. Haddon Ring

Large Asscher-cut diamond within halo of blue sapphires on minimal band

Price: $140,000. Learn more about the Haddon Ring.

Another over-budget option, this exquisite platinum ring is perfect for brides who love sapphires and expect the best.

The 4.09-carat, antique Asscher-cut center diamond is surrounded by a halo of natural French-cut sapphires. Additionally, each shoulder is adorned with a tapered baguette-cut diamond. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated with web pattern openwork. Although the price point may creep outside your budget, if you can afford it, then it’s worth every penny.

21. Golders Green Ring

Estate Diamond Jewelry Golders Green sapphire halo ring

Price: $85,000. Learn more about the Golders Green Ring

If you loved the sapphire halo of the Haddon Ring we previously recommended but don’t want to reach too far outside your intended budget, then consider the Golders Green as a more affordable option.

The center diamond of this platinum ring is a 5.72-carat old European-cut diamond with very slight inclusions. Its sparkle is emphasized by a halo of French-cut sapphires decorated with delicate milgrain. Besides milgrain, the ring features numerous subtle, yet impressive details.

Notice the intricate openwork filigree in the under-gallery and the diamonds adorning the shoulders. The triple wire shank adds a final touch to the ring’s beauty without stealing the spotlight from the center stone. 

22. Bethpage Ring

large platinum ring featuring fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond within diamond halo

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Bethpage Ring

Speaking of alternative options, if you found the Paterson Ring appealing, then you’ll be happy to see the Bethpage Ring is quite similar.

Nothing says bold and unique like the Bethpage Ring. It features a 4.04-carat, fancy yellow, emerald-cut diamond with VVS2 clarity. The diamond is bezel-set in yellow gold, highlighting its color and creating an interesting contrast with the rest of the platinum ring. Finally, small, prong-set diamonds surround the center stone and adorn the shoulders, creating an eye-catching effect. 

23. Hemingway Ring

simple platinum diamond engagement ring featuring small diamonds on the shoulders

Price: $86,000. Learn more about the Hemingway Ring

If you’re looking for a classic and effective ring, this one might be a perfect choice. This timeless design features a 5.21-carat old European-cut diamond set in prongs. Along the shoulders, you’ll find smaller diamonds that embellish the shoulders. If you look at the ring from the sides, you’ll notice the bridge of this original Art Deco Era ring is adorned with additional diamonds. 

24. Chatham Ring

solitaire diamond engagement ring featuring simple platinum mounting

Price: Contact for price. Learn more about the Chatham Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, the vintage Chatham Ring features a minimal solitaire design. The old European-cut diamond is GIA-certified as 4.08 carats with K color and VS2 clarity. Finally, the mounting is unadorned, the diamond is set in six prongs, and the band bears a French export mark.

25. Cushion Cut 4.04ct Diamond Engagement Ring 

large gold diamond engagement ring with diamond halo and fancy shoulders

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Cushion Cut 4.04ct Diamond Engagement Ring

This large and regal ring features a 4.04-carat, cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a beautiful halo of 20 smaller old European-cut diamonds, complementing its shape. The center diamond and the halo are set in platinum-topped 18k gold, and this unusual addition makes this ring interesting. What’s more three diamonds embellish each of the swirling shoulders, connecting the halo to the shank. 

26. Waterford Ring

5.19ct Center Antique Cushion & Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - Hand Video - Waterford Ring

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Waterford Ring

The vintage Waterford was handcrafted in platinum circa 1950 and features a 5.19-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond. The impressively large stone is flanked by a tapered baguette-cut diamond on either side; each of the side stones is approximately 0.35 carats. If you want a straightforward piece with a memorable diamond, then this is a perfect choice.

27. Sussex Ring 

cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with energetic ruby halo and platinum mounting

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Sussex Ring.

This ring is an excellent example of how well diamonds and rubies go together.

A gorgeous antique cushion-cut diamond that weighs a whopping 7.00 carats is the center stone of this lively ring. A halo of calibrated French-cut natural rubies surrounds the stone, creating a wonderful contrast, while milgrain adds a delicate touch to the ring. Additionally, you’ll notice three diamonds on each shoulder that connect the halo to an elegant tripe wire shank. 

28. Beckton Ring

dainty platinum engagement ring featuring diamond-adorned shoulders and large center diamond

Price: $72,000. Learn more about the Beckton Ring

Another excellent antique piece, the Beckton was handcrafted in platinum circa 1930 during the Art Deco Era. The star of this exquisite piece is a stunning 4.25-carat old European-cut diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. The eight-prong-set diamond sits in a crown setting decorated with fleur-de-lis patterns. Finally, a few small diamonds adorn the shoulders.

29. Orford Ring

engagement ring featuring a very large diamond surrounded by a sapphire halo

Price: $68,000. Learn more about the Orford Ring

The Orford Ring displays an impressively large 5.15-carat antique elongated cushion-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of natural French-cut sapphires. This platinum ring also features a tasteful openwork under-gallery. If the bride loves sapphires and is a fan of the popular halo ring design, then this is a great option.

30. Swansea Ring

platinum engagement ring featuring large deep blue sapphire and floral diamond halo

Price: $75,000. Learn more about the Swansea Ring

Although non-diamond centered rings are not exactly conventional, we could not think of a better piece than the Swansea to wrap up our list.

Handcrafted in platinum, the Swansea features an 8.36-carat Ceylon sapphire set in four distinct prongs. A 1.91-carat floral halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounds the colorful center gem and has G color and VS1-VS2 clarity overall. There’s no doubt that this charming and opulent ring is a true treasure.

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

Buying an engagement ring in the $100000 price range may seem easy, but a wide array of beautiful, high-end diamonds and gemstones proves otherwise. We hope our selection of the top 30 engagement rings for $100000 helped you on your mission and that you’ve narrowed down your choices or perhaps even found the perfect one. 

In any case, if you have questions regarding any of the rings from our collection, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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