25 Best Places to Propose in Hamptons


You can never go wrong by choosing to pop the question in the Hamptons. Since the towns, hamlets, and villages are located at the eastern end of Long Island, they offer a wide selection of romantic spots with stunning waterfront views for a memorable sunset beach proposal. To increase the chances of getting a resounding ”Yes,” here are the top 25 romantic places in the Hamptons.

1. Sag Harbor

picture with boats and sea during the sunset

Sag Harbor, partly located in Southampton and East Hampton, is a scenic spot with historic charm for a memorable proposal. Famous for stunning waterfront views with stretches of sand, you can find several beaches along the harbor, including Havens Beach, Windmill Beach, Circle Beach, and Foster Memorial Beach. During the summer, you can time the sunrise or sunset for a more romantic scene. Sag Harbor doesn’t get overcrowded like other Hamptons destinations, so it offers privacy.

To add a sense of timeless romance to your proposal, Sag Harbor has historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and a small-town atmosphere. After the proposal, you can visit the art gallery, Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum, take a boat ride, or go for a waterfront dinner in one of the restaurants in the area.

2. Oheka Castle

picture of a castle with trees around

Oheka Castle screams nothing but elegance and grandeur. There’s no chance of getting a refusal if you choose this location. A masterpiece of architectural design, it features sweeping staircases, stunning facades, and intricate details that provide a romantic backdrop. Better still, it has lush gardens with manicured lawns, fountains, and walking paths for a serene atmosphere.

Most of the time, the castle is less crowded, and you can always find a secluded spot in the garden or the castle for just the two of you. Also, it features a high-end restaurant for a perfect meal after the proposal. Since there’s also accommodation, you can extend your stay in one of the castle’s luxurious rooms.

3. Sands Point Preserve

image of the beach with sands

Sands Point Preserve, though not well-known, boasts a variety of wonderful settings for you to pop the big question. For a calm proposal, you can choose the large woods and lush grounds. Walking towards the beach, you’ll have a stunning view of Long Island. The gentle sounds of the waves and the sun’s warmth make the beach another ideal spot for popping the question.

This venue also hosts a Gold Coast Castle property built in the 1920s with three mansions: Castle Gould, Falaise, and Hampstead House. You can propose in front of the mansion to add some historical allure to your proposal.

4. Ocean Vista Resort

ocean vista resort in front of the sea

Private access to the beach is always a hassle in most resorts, but not in Ocean Vista Resort, tucked away in the dunes between Montauk and East Hampton. Here, you can access a private beachfront area for proposing without many distractions. You can choose to propose under a beachside gazebo or by the water’s edge. To catch your fiancé by surprise, you can pretend you’re going for a weekend or holiday getaway.

5. Mashomack Preserve

mashomack preserve in the middle of a stamps with vegetals

Mashomack Preserve, also called Jewel of Peconic, is a natural wonder of rich habitat extending 12 miles along the coastline of Shelter Island. It’s one of the longest preserves on Long Island. If you and your betrothed enjoy immersing yourselves in nature, the sight of thriving plants and diverse wildlife can make the proposal even more memorable. Despite offering natural isolation, Mashomack Preserve is approximately 90 miles from New York City, making it an easily accessible and practical choice.

6. Montauk’s Navy Beach

beach with sands and lighthouse

Montauk’s Navy Beach is a 200-foot private beach as well as a restaurant and bar located to the West over Gardiners Island and Fort Pond Bay. This venue is scenic and romantic, with breathtaking waterfront views of the sunset during the summer. Since this venue is a beloved spot for families, it can get overcrowded during the summer. As such, you should plan your proposal at dawn or dusk.

7. Windward Shores

picture of the beach with sands and tree

If you envision popping the question on a balcony with a waterfront setting, the Windward Shoresis the perfect place. Most rooms have private balconies, offering a secluded space to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The resort is on 5 acres of landscaped grounds and is a 10-minute drive from the East Hamptons. Couples who’ve visited the area have rated it 9.1 out of 10. So, you won’t be disappointed by choosing this as your proposal venue.

8. Ponquogue Beach

picture of ponquogue beach during the sunset

For a simple but memorable proposal, choose Ponquogue Beach. It stretches out for 600 feet, and most of its ocean floor is sand. The ocean is blue, and the waves are gentle. This allows you to set up a romantic picnic or create a message on the sand to make the proposal memorable. Being a family beach, you might not have all the space to yourself. However, you can choose to make a sunrise or sunset proposal when fewer people are on the beach.

9. Old Westbury Gardens

picture of old westbury gardens

Do you want to transport your spouse to another time? Go for a proposal at the Old Westbury Gardens, 30 minutes from Manhattan. This venue is a veritable Eden with enchanting backdrops. It mixes historical architecture and natural beauty that breathes romance. You can find spectacular spots to pop the question, including a sprawling rose garden, a thatched cottage with a lush landscape, meandering pathways, and the area outside the mansion.

10. Boathouse Shelter Island

picture of the boathouse shelter island

Nestled on the serene Shelter Island, the Boathouse is a private place that was used to dock boats. However, it has been renovated into a private and quiet space for a proposal. Its 200-foot stretch faces the West Neck Harbor, revealing a magical waterfront scene for a perfect sunrise or sunset proposal. This venue is ideal if you plan to make a grand proposal with a large gathering.

11. Longhouse Reserve

longhouse reserve showcasing stones and little house

Longhouse Reserve is a fantastic 16-acre sculpture garden and reserve that perfectly blends in with the natural surroundings. You’ll find diverse pieces of art placed in strategic positions, lush lawns, winding paths, and beautiful ponds. Around the reserve, there are luxurious accommodation and dining establishments, making it possible to extend your proposal celebrations.

12. Montauk Point State Park

montauk point state park with plants and beach

Montauk Point State Park, located on the eastern tip of Long Island, is another waterfront venue with breathtaking scenery. In areas where the waves are calm, you can the Atlantic Ocean and Block Island tides converging. The park also hosts the Montauk Lighthouse, one of New York City’s oldest lighthouses.

You can choose different spots to pop the question, including the lush area surrounding the lighthouse itself, the sandy beach, or the cliff overlooking the ocean. After the proposal, you can engage in recreational activities such as surf fishing, hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing.

13. Sea Cliff

picture of a cliff in front of the sea

Is your partner adventurous? If so, popping the question on the Cliff could be the perfect location. Sitting atop a 120-foot bluff overlooking Long Island and Hempstead harbor, it offers dramatic waterfront views of bobbing boats and traditional Victorian houses. Timing your proposal to coincide with the cliff’s spectacular sunset can make that romantic moment more memorable.

14. The Ocean Resort Inn

picture of the ocean resort inn

The Ocean Resort Inn is only 5 miles from Montauk Harbor and approximately 65 steps from the ocean. This venue reflects calmness and offers a relaxing atmosphere suitable for couples with busy lifestyles. Also, the accommodation is comfortable, with all the amenities to make your betrothed feel treasured. Around the resort, you can find various recreational landmarks, such as Montauk Dows State Park, which has tennis and golf facilities.

15. Wolffer Estate Vineyard

picture of the wolffer estate vineyard

For something less outspoken, opt for a romantic visit to the Wolffer Estate Vineyard and pop the question in the middle of the grapevines with lush pathways. Since the vineyard covers 52 acres, professional photographers from the estate will take photos with breathtaking backdrops. After the proposal, you can participate in wine tasting and fine dining. Plus, you can get a discounted proposal offer and save a little money.

16. Gurney’s Montauk

gurney's montauk during the sunset with ducks in front of the beach

Guarney’s Montauk is an all-year-round waterfront private beach resort that extends to 2,000 feet, giving you ample space for a secluded proposal. If you’d like to pop the question at night, the place has got you covered. The main deck that overlooks the beach consists of a large fire pit and smaller pits to light the beach. The sound of waves crashing, the crackling of the fire, and the starry night sky will provide a fantastic backdrop for your proposal.

A visit to Gurney Montauk is never complete without a visit to The Seawater SPA. After proposing, you can take your spouse here for a treat.

17. The Madoo Conservancy

picture of flowers at the madoo conservancy

If your partner is laidback and enjoys an artistic ambiance, why not propose to them in Madoo Conservancy? This public conservancy features lush gardens with historic art inspired by the founder, Robert Dash. To add some fun, you can have a picnic meal and get lost in nature.

18. St Andrew Dune Church

picture of the st andrew dune church

Built-in 1879, St. Andrew Dune Church is situated among the dunes in Southhampton. One of the most picturesque churches for a perfect proposal, you can pop the question within the beautiful rustic interior while admiring the breathtaking stained glass windows. Alternatively, you can get down on one kneeoutside on the well-manicured lawns with the sound of ocean waves and a gentle sea breeze. Afterward, you can enjoy a nice stroll along the serene waterway across the street.

19. Flying Point Beach

flying point beach surrounded by rocks

Among the many activities available in Flying Point Beach, the helicopter ride proposal will be one to tell your grandchildren. You can organize a romantic helicopter ride and plan to have the beach decorated for a proposal when you land. Alternatively, you can opt to propose while in the air.

20. Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead

atlantis aquarium in riverhead showcasing a shark

Featuring one of the largest all-living coral reef displays, Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead creates a magical atmosphere for couples who prefer a classic setting. The waterfront and the marina by the Peconic River provide a unique backdrop for a spectacular proposal. Later, couples can enjoy the jaw-dropping aquatic displays of penguins and sea lions, an elegant coliseum room, and the giant 120,000-gallon shark exhibit. Romantics can dance the night away in the Sea Star Ballroom.

21. Lavender by the Bay

lavender field by the bay during sunset

Lavender by the Bay is a privately owned and operated farm. A wonderful location for nature-loving couples, you can propose in the vast lush purple and green field, with the soothing aroma of lavender and the sound of buzzing bees and flitting butterflies.

22. Fire Island Lighthouse

lighthouse picture in fire island

Majestic and rich with history, Fire Island Lighthouse is a great place to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. The tallest lighthouse on Long Island offers stunning views, and you can’t resist admiring the beautiful brickwork as you climb. There’s a 360-degree view at the top, and you can also see the New York City skyline on a clear day. Alternatively, you can enjoy the boardwalks and trails leading up to the lighthouse or the museum and gift shop for keepsakes.

23. Southampton Arts Center

art center of southampton

Located in the center of Southampton, the Arts offers creative and informative exhibits. The outdoor sculpture garden and the east and west lawns are great places to get down on one knee. You can also catch a live show or exhibition if you’re lucky enough, making your time there much more special, or just enjoy the indoor museum exhibits.

24. Hither Hills State Park

picture of a hill with a camping car facing the sea

Do you enjoy bonding with your better half through recreational activities? If so, Hither Hills State Park is the perfect location for your proposal. Famous for its dunes covered in beach grass and rugged beauty, you’ll find woodlands filled with Russian olive, pine, and oak trees. All of which makes it a quiet place to pop the question. Afterward, you can go hiking, biking, surfing, or swimming.

25. Cedar Point Country Park

cedar point country park with trees and sand in front of teh beach

Cedar Point Country Park offers residents and tourists 607 acres of pure natural bliss. A haven for adventurous couples, a wide range of activities are on offer, such as hiking on the nature trails, kayaking, and individual and group camping. There are wonderful picnic areas and relaxing boat rentals, perfect for you to pop the question. Besides, the park offers a spectacular view of Gardiners Bay and is also the site of the iconic Cedar Point Lighthouse.

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