Chillin’ like a Harwell Godfrey snail.


Hello my darlings,

It’s the absolute tail end of the year, and I’m spending a lot of time moving slowly and cocooning myself in blankets. That’s all my body wants to do when the temperature drops and the world is filled with shallow gray winter light.

What’s the best role model for this kind of slow-moving behavior? Why, it’s a spectacularly bejeweled Harwell Godfrey snail, of course.

This Harwell Godfrey snail brooch features rainbow sapphires and diamonds with a pink sapphire heart for an eye.

This glorious gastropod, this marvelous mollusca is formed of lush 18K yellow gold set. Its shell is a rich tapestry of multicolored sapphires, while its body is studded with sparkling diamonds and its single visible eye is a vibrant heart-shaped pink sapphire.

Be like the Harwell Godfrey snail and take a minute to slow down – we all deserve a little rest and reset before 2024 kicks off.

Please take care of yourselves, my darlings. I’ll see you next year!


Image c/o Harwell Godfrey.

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