1.20-Carat Diamond Rings – Top 30 Guide by EDJ


If you’re looking for a stunning diamond ring that’s in the 1.20-carat range to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime moment, then you’ve come to the right place. We know buying an engagement ring can be daunting, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 30 choices. Browse our collection of unique 1.20-carat diamond rings, and you’ll find your perfect engagement ring in no time.

1. Cairns Ring 

Diamond ring with triple-wire shank and three diamond-set leaves on each shoulder.

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Cairns Ring.

The Cairns Ring is certainly perfect for those wanting a charming ring, especially if they are fond of floral designs.

The 1.16-carat old European-cut center diamond is emphasized by three diamond-adorned leaf accents along each of the shoulders. What’s more, fine milgrain borders each leaf, further elevating this elegant ring. Then, the unique four-pronged setting makes the ring center appear bigger while visually slimming the fingers. Finally, although the triple-wire shank style band is delicate, the hand-made mounting features bold curves.

2. Lons Ring 

Diamond ring with a pyramid of six baguette-cut diamonds on each shoulder.

Price: $13,000. Learn more about the Lons Ring.

Low-profile rings are incredibly convenient for everyday wear as they don’t get in the way of any activities or other jewelry. But don’t let the name fool you; just because a ring is low-profile, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a showstopper. 

With the 1.14-carat Lons ring, all eyes are on the incredible shoulders. This comes as no surprise, considering the six beautiful baguette-cut diamonds on each side. The central piece is no less magnificent, sporting an old European-cut stone of H color and VS1 clarity grades. Finally, the delicate platinum setting makes fingers appear slimmer.

3. Bridgeville Ring

White gold diamond engagement ring with detailed openwork shoulders and bridge.

Price: $6,800. Learn more about the Bridgeville Ring.

Up next, the simply stunning Bridgeville Ring is what we get when marrying luxury with elegance. Handcrafted in 14k white gold circa 1950, the ring features a 1.20-carat old European-cut center diamond with L color and VS2 clarity grades. The true beauty certainly does not stop there, however; exquisite fine milgrain and openwork details decorate the gallery and shoulders.

4. Corby Ring

Charming round diamond engagement ring with sapphire halo and delicate platinum band.

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Corby Ring.

For those looking to get a ring with a bit of color, the delightful Corby Ring is a charming option that is sure to satisfy.

Handcrafted in platinum, this round halo ring features a near-colorless 1.20-carat center stone with J color and VS1 clarity grades. Then, a charming halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the round center diamond. In addition, smaller old European-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. Finally, fine milgrain borders emphasize the halo and center stone.

5. Cartier Engagement Ring

Classic diamond engagement ring made of platinum with a diamond-lined band.

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Cartier Engagement Ring.

Starting off our list of 1.20-carat diamond rings, this Cartier ring is a strong choice. If you’re preparing to ask the ultimate question, then you can’t go wrong with a Cartier ring. This brand is famous for its rich history and timeless elegance. Our vintage Cartier Engagement Ring is a perfect example. 

This luxurious 1.14-carat diamond ring stands out for its exceptional color grade and exquisite sparkle. Although it features a classic design, this Cartier ring is far from boring. Pavé diamonds adorn the entire visible part of the platinum band. The four-prong setting allows the round-cut diamond in the center to be the star of the show. In addition, the setting makes it appear larger.  

6. Tomar Ring

Cushion-cut sapphire ring with an elongated face featuring various diamond shapes.

Price: $5,800. Learn more about the Tomar Ring.

Up next is another sapphire-diamond ring for those seeking this lovely contrast of colors.

The Tomar ring features a 1.20-carat elongated cushion-cut center sapphire with a breathtaking blue color. The face of the ring extends above and below in the form of three diamond-adorned columns with a vertical offset. The total diamond weight of this platinum ring is approximately 0.60 carats.

Although you may have initially only considered 1.20-carat diamond rings, we find non-diamond-centered options to be just as stunning and worth a look.

7. Sydney Ring

Yellow gold diamond ring with triple-wire shank and leaf motif shoulders.

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Sydney Ring.

If you liked the Cairns ring earlier on the list, then you’ll surely also like its 18k yellow gold counterpart. The Sydney Ring features a 1.16-carat center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. The familiar leaf motif shoulders return, displaying three diamond-set leaves. Finally, the triple-wire shank is subtle and delicate, as the 18k yellow gold is an effective detail in its own right.

8. Brighton Ring

Delicate round diamond ring with a diamond halo and triple-wire shank.

Price: $8,800. Learn more about the Brighton Ring.

Celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime love story deserves nothing less than a one-of-a-kind ring; and old mine-cut diamonds will give you just that, as they were cut individually by hand. If you choose the Brighton Ring, then you can be sure there’s no other ring like it.

This antique 1.25-carat diamond was cut circa 1915 and is graded as J color and VS2 clarity, making it a stunning centerpiece. What’s more, it’s set in a handcrafted platinum mounting surrounded by a round diamond halo. The diamonds certainly don’t stop there—they also adorn the shoulders, connecting the delicate halo to the elegant triple-wire shank. 

9. Hyde Ring

Rose gold diamond ring with leaf motif shoulders and a triple-wire shank.

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Hyde Ring.

No, you’re not experiencing déjà vu; the 18k yellow gold Sydney Ring and the platinum Cairns Ring earlier on this list have an 18k rose gold sibling. A testament to the popularity and success of this design, we do indeed feature multiple rings similar to the Hyde, but with subtle differences for those who know exactly what they want.

This tried and true design features charming leaf motif shoulders displaying three diamond-set leaves on each side. What’s more, the stunning 1.18-carat center stone is held in the perfect four-prong setting. Not only do the prongs have an interesting shape that compliments the leaf motif, but they also feature an exposed design that displays the diamond more prominently.

10. Ridgefield Ring

Octagonal diamond ring with a diamond halo and a delicate platinum mounting.

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Ridgefield Ring.

The striking Ridgefield Ring features an octagonal 1.00-carat old European-cut center diamond. A halo of old European-cut diamonds surrounds the center stone and is emphasized by fine milgrain. What’s more, the platinum band ends with diamond-adorned shoulders. Finally, the under-gallery offers a spectacular display of eye-catching patterns. 

11. Denmark Ring

Square ring featuring a round diamond within sapphires and kite diamond accents.

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Denmark Ring.

For a regal and refined piece, we highly recommend the square-shaped platinum Denmark Ring.

The old European-cut center diamond is bezel-set within a halo of French-cut calibré sapphires. What’s more, each corner of the ring features a diamond-set kite, while the fleur-de-lis shoulders hold even more diamonds. Finally, the ring features a triple-wire shank, while fine milgrain borders each element.

The J color and SI1 clarity center stone weighs 1.23 carats, while the additional diamonds total approximately 0.09 carats.

12. Marino Ring

Platinum ring with a triple-wire shank, cushion-cut diamond, and diamond halo.

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Marino Ring.

While there’s nothing wrong with lavish engagement rings, some brides might prefer something more understated and delicate. If your significant other fits in this category, consider choosing the dazzling Marino Ring. 

This stunning platinum engagement ring features a 1.10-carat cushion-cut center diamond with impressive G color and SI1 clarity. An elegant diamond halo surrounds the center stone, while the tapered shoulders host additional small diamonds. What’s more, the prominent shoulders connect the center stone to the triple-wire shank. Finally, the Marino Ring is a low-profile ring, making it convenient for everyday wear. 

13. Norwalk Ring

Platinum engagement ring featuring a round center diamond and a detailed mounting.

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Norwalk Ring.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1950, the vintage Norwalk features a stunning diamond on a detailed mounting. The old European-cut center stone weighs 1.26 carats and is J color and VS1 clarity. Intricate hand-engraved floral patterns flow from the mid-shank all the way to the center stone. What’s more, diamonds line the shoulders on either side of the engraved patterns.

14. Springdale Ring

Yellow gold cushion-cut diamond ring with a floral diamond halo.

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Springdale Ring.

The exquisite Springdale Ring checks all the boxes for a timelessly romantic piece. It features the always-trendy combination of 18k yellow gold and sparkling diamonds.

The 1.30-carat cushion-cut center diamond is surrounded by a 14-stone halo of old mine-cut diamonds. The center diamond and the halo form a beautiful floral shape that sits atop an elegant triple-wire shank. Finally, we can’t talk about this ring without mentioning the dazzling kite-shaped shoulders adorned with additional diamonds. 

15. Elverson Ring

Marquise shaped diamond ring with diamond accents and split shoulders.

Price: $8,600. Learn more about the Elverson Ring.

If you’re interested in an Art Deco-era ring, then the Elverson should definitely be on your radar.

Handcrafted in platinum circa 1920, this captivating antique ring features a 1.27-carat old European-cut center diamond certified by the GIA. What’s more, each side features an additional diamond set in a marquise bezel, while the ring itself has an overall marquise shape as well. Finally, additional diamonds are set along the perimeter of the ring, while the gallery displays some alluring metalwork to complete this ring’s look.

16. Fairmont Ring

Solitaire white gold engagement ring featuring small diamond and plain shining band.

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Fairmont Ring.

For a dainty white gold solitaire ring, the Fairmont gets our recommendation. This elegant engagement ring was handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1980 and features a 1.29-carat old European-cut center diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. The smooth and shining band is unembellished and bears French hallmarks.

17. Fenton Ring

Round diamond engagement ring with a diamond halo and triple-wire shank.

Price: $9,600. Learn more about the Fenton Ring.

The stylish Fenton Ring is what you get when the classic meets the modern. The ring’s design and bezel setting make it one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

The 1.25-carat old European-cut center diamond is nestled in a delicate platinum mounting. This lovely diamond has been graded as H color and VS2 clarity. The round diamond halo is no less impressive; it features similar but smaller diamonds that can also be found on the ring’s shoulders, three on each side. The Fenton ring’s size is perfect for those with long, slender fingers. 

18. Linz Ring 

Diamond engagement ring with unique Art Deco prongs and shoulders.

Price: $7,000. Learn more about the Linz Ring.

For a delicate piece with an exciting Art Deco design, we recommend the captivating Linz Ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1925, the Linz features an old European-cut center diamond set in four unique geometric prongs. The distinct shoulders display baguette-cut and single-cut diamonds in a bold arrangement. Finally, the center stone is 1.19 carats with I color and SI2 clarity.

19. Portimão Ring

Elongated cushion-cut sapphire with diamond plume accents and a delicate band.

Price: $6,000. Learn more about the Portimão Ring.

Yet another stunning sapphire-diamond ring, the Portimão is a perfect alternative for those who loved the Tomar Ring above but wanted something a bit more exciting.

Indeed the two rings share a similar overall design, but the subtle differences certainly have a big impact. Here the three rows extending above and below the sapphire branch out to the sides more whereas on the Tomar they begin wider at the base and extend more inwardly. Additionally, this ring features a few more diamonds as well as some clever openwork.

The 1.15-carat elongated cushion-cut sapphire is complimented by 0.77 carats worth of diamonds along the shoulders and face. On our list of 1.20-carat diamond rings, it may be surprising to see an option like the Portimão, but engagement rings with center sapphires are considered excellent alternatives to the typical diamond.

20. Metz Ring 

Square ring with an elevated prong-set diamond surrounded by a diamond halo.

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Metz Ring.

Although a popular choice, the Retro-era engagement rings are a rare find. If your significant other is fond of this era, the Metz Ring might be the perfect choice.

Handcrafted in 18k white gold circa 1940, this striking French ring is a timeless classic. The rare colorless center diamond weighs approximately 1.42 carats and is E color and SI1 clarity.

Additionally, more diamonds decorate the shoulders and surround the center stone. Finally, the prongs themselves are elevated, providing the gorgeous diamond exposition so that it can be appreciated from all angles.

21. Wentworth Ring

Delicate and charming platinum diamond ring with a floral diamond halo.

Price: $2,400. Learn more about the Wentworth Ring.

For those wanting a charming and delicate ring, there’s no more perfect choice than the floral halo Wentworth ring. Handcrafted in platinum circa 1900, this French Edwardian-era ring features a total diamond weight of 1.10 carats while color and clarity grades vary in the H-I and VS2-VS1 ranges respectively. The dainty shank is unadorned, allowing for the delicate charm of this ring to be unopposed.

Although it may be on the lower end of the 1.20-carat range, the Wentworth is easily the most affordable option from our 1.20-carat diamond rings list.

22. Mirage Ring

Diamond centered yellow gold and platinum engagement ring featuring swirling diamond shoulders.

Price: $9,200. Learn more about the Mirage Ring.

Up next, the stylish Mirage Ring features an elegant swirling design and a two-tone mounting. At the center of it all, the 1.13-carat old European-cut diamond shines brightly with I color and VS2 clarity. What’s more, the shoulders swirl around the center stone and feature additional diamonds set in platinum with fine milgrain borders. Finally, the main body of the ring is 18k yellow gold.

23. Sulham Ring

Delicate platinum engagement ring featuring a cushion-cut diamond surrounded by emeralds.

Price: $9,500. Learn more about the Sulham Ring.

There are only four classified precious gemstones in the world — diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. What can be better than having one of these unique stones in an engagement ring? The answer is having two. Meet the Sulham Ring, a master class in beauty and elegance. 

An antique 1.30-carat cushion-cut diamond is at the center of this mesmerizing ring, while a prominent square-shaped bezel surrounds the diamond with emeralds. Additionally, three smaller diamonds adorn each shoulder, balancing the overall design. The dazzling array of emeralds is all this ring needs to stand out, so the platinum band was kept minimal and sleek. 

24. Volos Ring

Dainty three-stone diamond ring with a geometric design and platinum mounting.

Price: $8,000. Learn more about the Volos Ring.

If dainty and delicate have been keywords in your search, then the Volos Ring should have your attention.

While delicate and dainty are certainly perfect terms to describe this ring, it is no less luxurious and breathtaking. The shank is completely covered in intricate engravings, the stones are bordered by fine milgrain, and the shoulders feature a unique design. The three diamonds total 1.33 carats and the center stone is set in a square bezel, while the flanking stones are set in circular ones.

25. Auburndale Ring

Round dainty platinum ring with a diamond surrounded by emeralds.

Price: $11,000. Learn more about the Auburndale Ring.

Brides who love the combination of diamonds and emeralds will adore the splendid Auburndale Ring. The ring features a 1.38-carat old European-cut center diamond surrounded by a halo of bright green emeralds. What’s more, fine milgrain borders both sides of the halo providing emphasis on the diamond and halo. Finally, the under-gallery is decorated with delicate arch-motif openwork.

26. Laval Ring

Delicate platinum ring featuring a round diamond and blue sapphire halo.

Price: $7,500. Learn more about the Laval Ring.

The lovely Laval is a perfect pick for those interested in delicate pieces with a touch of color. The stunning old European-cut center diamond is approximately 1.17 carats with J color and VS1 clarity. Then, a halo of deep blue French-cut sapphires surrounds the bezel-set center stone. Finally, each shoulder features a diamond set in a leaf-shaped bezel, and fine milgrain borders each element.

27. Briggs Ring

Round diamond ring featuring a diamond halo and diamonds lining the shank.

Price: $9,800. Learn more about the Briggs Ring.

Amongst the rings considered for our list of the top 1.20-carat diamond rings, the Briggs features a center diamond with one of the higher carat weights. This stunning ring features 1.44-carat old European-cut center diamond with M color and VS1 clarity surrounded by a halo of additional diamonds. Additionally, even more diamonds line the shank.

28. Carlyle Ring

Diamond engagement ring featuring yellow gold mounting and a diamond halo.

Price: $8,800. Learn more about the Carlyle Ring.

The absolutely stunning Carlyle ring is a perfect representative of the wonderful yellow gold and diamond combination.

The 1.16-carat antique cushion-cut center diamond is J color and VS2 clarity. Meanwhile, the surrounding halo features many additional smaller old European-cut diamonds. These two elements are further enhanced and given their own space to shine due to the subtle open space between them. Finally, this 18k yellow gold ring features a triple-wire shank and an elegant openwork under-gallery.

29. Linas Ring

Dome-style white and rose gold ring featuring many white and pink diamonds.

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Linas Ring.

Although technically the Linas doesn’t feature a 1.20-carat center diamond, the cluster of round brilliant-cut diamonds is 1.25, while the pink center diamond and surrounding pink accent diamonds total approximately 1.18 carats. The fancy pink GIA-certified center diamond of this charming and luxurious piece has VVS2 clarity and the brilliant-cut diamonds are F color and VS1 clarity.

The dazzling array of various diamonds, the two-tone 18k rose and white gold mounting, and the exuberant pink diamonds; indeed this isn’t your average ring. The Linas may not be what you’d expected to find on our top 1.20-carat diamond rings list, but it’s certainly a worthy option.

30. Montville Ring

Platinum engagement ring featuring a round diamond surrounded by a diamond halo.

Price: $8,800. Learn more about the Montville Ring.

Wrapping up our list of the most incredible 1.20-carat diamond rings is one of our favorite rings utilizing the ever-popular halo style.

The charming Montville Ring features a 1.00-carat old European-cut center diamond with J color and VS2 clarity. Then, the surrounding halo of old mine-cut diamonds provides additional sparkle and luxury. What’s more, fine milgrain borders as well as a subtle gap help emphasize and distinguish the halo and center stone. Finally, the total diamond weight of this ring is 1.22 carats.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring can be challenging. However, if you’ve already decided on the ring’s approximate weight, then you’re much closer to your goal. Hopefully, our list of the top 30 1.20-carat diamond rings will help you find the perfect one for you. If you still feel a bit lost, have any questions, or are interested in any rings from our list, then don’t hesitate to contact us by using the form below.

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