Venus Opposite Chiron – Face To Face With The Wound


On November 22nd-23rd, 2023, Venus in Libra is opposite Chiron in Aries.

Chiron in Aries is our identity wound. Venus is how we relate to the world, especially in the context of our 1-on-1 relationships.

Venus opposite Chiron in Aries will expose the tension between our identity wound (“Who am I?” “Do I have the right to be here?”) and our desire to be liked and appreciated by others (Venus in Libra).

Venus Opposite Chiron – Face To Face With The Wound 

Every time we are in a relationship – any kind of relationship – there is a subtle battle between authentically preserving our identity, and adapting to others, so they can ‘like’ us or at least accept us.

When we relate, we are in a constant negotiation between our need for connection and a fear of losing ourselves.

The opposition is a very interesting aspect. The opposition is like a Full Moon – the 2 planets are at the maximum distance from each other.

Because of the 180 angle, they have maximum visibility.

They look each other in the eyes.

This creates a situation where we are fully aware of the energies at play, yet a resolution is (or seems) impossible.

Venus Opposite Chiron – Projection

This intense dynamic leads to a psychological phenomenon that psychologists call “projection”.

Projection happens when we place our own unconscious traits or emotions onto others.

With Chiron in Aries opposite Venus in Libra, we feel a simultaneous need to connect with others and be accepted for who we are, AND a fear of being rejected because we’ve shown ‘too much’ or because we’ve shown something that is (or we think it is) undesirable.

To deal with the tension of the opposition, we often gravitate towards one of the 2 scenarios.

1. We identify with Chiron in Aries.

We feel split, conflicted, and unloved – and look for a partner who can fill that void and make us feel whole again.

2. We identify with the Venus in Libra people-pleaser.

We’re so wired to prioritize other people’s feelings that we don’t even know who we are. In an overcompensation attempt, we attract a Chiron in Aries type of partner whose ‘madness’ and search for individuality will help us recognize our own identity.

When this relationship dynamic can get activated, and if this wounding dynamic is not recognized, we can get trapped into toxic or abusive relationships that don’t, or only superficially tap into Chiron’s healing potential.

Thankfully, the Venus-Chiron opposition is supported by Mercury in Sagittarius, which applies a trine to Chiron and a sextile to Venus.

There IS a way to navigate this dynamic and find a silver lining. By bringing awareness to the wounding patterns that arise during this opposition, we can consciously engage in open communication (thanks to Mercury) about our vulnerabilities and fears.

When we are unconscious of the Venus-Chiron dynamic, we attract people, and engage in relating patterns that keep us trapped in the wound, without a clear path to healing.

When instead we work with the opposition’s energy consciously, we get to the root causes of our wounds, and heal.

Unconscious ways of dealing with a Chiron-Venus wound involve being attracted, and attracting people to people who trigger a victim-perpetrator, or narcissist-empath relating dynamic.

Conscious ways of dealing with a Chiron-Venus wound include therapy, doing self-reflection, or having a constructive and open discussion about our emotional needs and vulnerabilities.

Venus Opposite Chiron – The Path To Healing

How do we know the difference?

If you feel triggered (for good or for bad), magnetically drawn, or inexplicably compelled toward someone or something, then probably there are unconscious dynamics at play.

If instead you feel vulnerable, yet empowered to address and understand these feelings, then you are likely approaching the situation consciously.

Chiron opposite Venus and trine Mercury is an invitation to explore the wounded parts of ourselves with curiosity and kindness, while cultivating authentic connections both with ourselves and others.

Pay attention to any feelings, relating patterns or insights that emerge these days. Pay attention to all upcoming Chiron transits. Do the Chiron work.

The Venus-Chiron opposition is just a teaser – and an opportunity to get a taste of Chiron’s healing potential.

But there’s something much bigger coming.

When the North Node will eventually conjunct Chiron (in February 2024) we will have a unique opportunity to “break the cycle”, re-write unhealthy conditioning, and become the person we are meant to be.

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