Vanessa Hudgens Announced Her Pregnancy at the 2024 Oscars Wearing Over Two Feet of Hair Extensions — See Photos


One of my favorite things about Vanessa Hudgens is that she’s always one of the earliest celebrities to arrive on the red carpets of huge entertainment events. The 2024 Oscars are no exception — she didn’t wait to make her grand entrance, and can you blame her? If I had chosen this star-studded evening to reveal to the world that I was pregnant, I would probably show up the night before just to ensure the announcement got the attention it deserved. And perhaps the only reason she didn’t was to give her glam team the opportunity to make her look her most gorgeous for this major moment.

Hudgens, who married baseball player Cole Tucker in December, had successfully hidden her beautiful new silhouette up until now, arriving at Academy Awards in a form-fitting, black, turtleneck gown by Vera Wang, who also designed her wedding dress. And matching her dress was her dark, long hair — and when I say long, I mean there are literally two feet of extensions in there.

Vanessa Hudgens posing in a black dress

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