The Ladies of Sistas on BET are as Fly Offscreen as They Are On! Get into the Style of Crystal Hayslett, KJ Smith, Novi Brown, Mignon, and Ebony!


Do you watch Sistas on BET? The show debuted a new Season last Wednesday on BET, and the ladies are coming in hot!

The style on the show is bomb, but the ladies of Sistas are just as fly IRL!

Check out some of their looks below:

Crystal Hayslett (Fatima):

KJ Smith (Andrea Barnes)

Ebony Obsidian (Karen Mott)

Mignon Von (Daniella)

Novi Brown (Sabrina Hollins)

Woo, these girls on on fire!

Which look is your favorite? Comment below to win a secret prize.

And be sure to tune in to Sistas on BET every Wednesday at 9/8C!

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