The first ever New York City Jewelry and Object Show.


I have two fantastic pieces of news for you today, darlings: first, I had the BEST time at the inaugural New York City Jewelry and Object Show, and second, the event is happening again just a few weeks!!

So don’t despair if you missed these treasures in November, because you’re about to get another chance in April!

How was the November New York City Jewelry and Object Show, you may ask? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you.

I went up to NYC for the first ever New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS)!

Why is the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS) unique and exciting? Unlike most big jewelry shows today, the NYCJAOS was created by a jewelry lover, for jewelry lovers. Its founder, Konstantinos Leoussis, is a jewelry collector himself, as well as a respected antique jewelry dealer and talented jewelry designer.

As a show designed by someone who exhibits and shops at shows, NYCJAOS truly takes both the dealer and shopper experience into account in its design. Lower booth fees and the possibility of booth sharing means that a much wider range of small time dealers are able to participate, and delicious food sold on site means that shoppers can stay and browse all day.

I spent three days at this the November New York City Jewelry and Object Show, and there was one piece of feedback I heard over and over from both dealers and shoppers: this show had the best vibes of any show anyone had attended in a long time. It was friendly and chill, of a manageable size, and felt truly welcoming to all.

Enough talk!! I will show you the jewelry now.

I loved this antique diamond tiara that I tried on at Ishy Antiques during the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

We’re going to kick things off with TWO TIARAS, just so that you immediately understand how great the New York City Jewelry and Object Show was (you know how much I love a tiara).

This antique beauty is a classic small tiara, complete with hairpin to anchor in your glamorous updo. Thank you to my friend Ishy Antiques for handing this to me immediately upon my arrival at your booth. You do understand me.

A remarkable antique pearl and carved malachite tiara from Ishy Antiques during the New York City Jewelry and Object Show

The second tiara was more unusual and absolutely required a closeup. This remarkable piece features a design of alternating pearl drops and carved malachite heads (!!!) atop a textured golden swirl.

This piece was also from Ishy antiques and I have never ever seen anything like it. Who are these tiny malachite men and why are they on this tiara??? I’m utterly delighted and I am dying to know who created this piece back in the day and why.

An extraordinary antique Victorian era snake necklace, with enamel detail, gemstones, and diamonds. From Halle's Jewels at The New York City Jewelry and Object Show

While we’re on the subject of antique jewels so good that I’ve never seen anything like them before (of which there were several at the New York Jewelry and Object Show), how about this Victorian era snake necklace from Halle’s Jewels?

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Victorian snake necklaces in this style before, but I’ve never ever seen such a pristine, opulent one in person. Look at that flawless blue enamel, the enormous, lush colored gemstones in the snake’s head, the perfection of its sinuous gold scale-like links! Big swoon.

Eyeba makes jewelry out of real prosthetic eyes - the results are eerie and beautiful. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

The New York City Jewelry and Object Show also welcomes contemporary jewelry and art dealers alongside antique jewelry vendors, for a diverse and exciting shopping experience.

Eyeba NYC was one of the contemporary brands that really caught my eye (heh). This contemporary designer makes jewelry out of real prosthetic eyes – both vintage blown glass eyes and more modern prosthesis – and the results are both eerie and beautiful.

A stunning antique Arts and Crafts era brooch with colored gems, a large pearl, and enamel. From DK Bressler.

And now for something completely different…what do you think of this incredible piece?

It’s a bit of an enigma, so while the dealer, DK Bressler, thinks the majority of the piece dates to the Arts & Crafts movement, it’s possible that parts of it may be earlier or later – the amethyst briolette was likely a later addition and I do wonder if that stunning enamel-adorned pearl could be from an earlier piece.

How wonderful are all those glowing, foil-backed gems? I love this kind of beautiful jewelry mystery.

An incredible antique monogram pendant with the letter S in turquoise and pearls. At Sandy Jacobs Antiques.

Yes, S is the first initial of my last name, and no, I can’t remember why I didn’t buy this absurdly beautiful S monogram turquoise, diamond, and pearl pendant from Sandy Jacobs Antiques.

It’s spectacular. And may have originally been even more spectacular? Do you see those empty loops at the bottom of the two longest turquoise swags? I wonder what originally dangled there. Pearl drops, perhaps?

I love these two antique sapphire and diamond rings from Jewels by Grace! Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

The November New York City Jewelry and Object show was the first time since the pandemic that I’ve gotten to see a lot of my favorite antique jewelry dealers, including the inimitable Grace of Jewels by Grace. She greeted me with a huge hug, plonked her diamond headband on my head, and let me fondle everything in her case.

Of course I found some Art Deco rings to fall in love with. Who could resist these two beauties?? The only drawback is that it’s nearly impossible to choose between them. Perhaps that’s how I managed to walk away without them.

I had to try on these antique old mine cut diamond earrings from Jewels by Grace. 14 carats of diamonds in one ear!

Grace of Jewels by Grace was also kind enough to let me try on the stunning old mine cut diamond earrings she was wearing that day.

I think they look badass worn on the same side. I have 14 carats of diamonds on one earlobe in this photo! Can you even?

Also, aren’t they perfect with my own antique paste riviere? That’s a personal collection piece I’ll be taking to my grave.

A stunning pair of antique diamond and ruby hand earrings from Keyamour. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

Also Victorian and full of old diamonds? These extraordinarily glamorous earrings from Keyamour.

These beauties are articulated, so the garlands of diamonds that the hands are clasping actually sway back and forth with the wearer’s movement. Add to that all the luscious old diamonds and the hands ruby rings and I’m swooning.

Keyamour was right at the front of the New York Jewelry and Object Show, so I got to stare into her cases every day as I walked past. So grateful I finally caught her while not mobbed by customers so that I could play with these earrings!

A wonderful masquerade locket from Marilyn & Co. I love her diamond eyes! Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

I have a particular weakness for masquerade jewelry, and this antique locket from Marilyn & Co. is an exceptional example of the genre.

Look at the detail: the gray and white strands of the lady’s hair, the lighter lace or silk edging at the hem of her black mask, the sparkle of her diamond eyes! If I were lucky enough to be the caretaker of this piece, I would spend all day staring at and making up stories about who she might have been and what mischief she might have gotten up to while in disguise.

I actually have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to masquerade jewelry. See it here.

An exquisite antique brooch with diamonds and demantoid garnets from Abbot & Austin. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

This exquisite brooch caught my eye immediately from where it was glowing quietly in the display case at Abbot & Austin’s New York City Jewelry and Object Show booth. It features one of my very favorite stones: vivid green demantoid garnets.

Isn’t that color extraordinary? I bet a lot of people would assume these are emeralds, but they’re actually garnets doing what garnets do best.

An extraordinary antique enamel pendant from Lowther Antiques. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show

Pat Novissimo of Lowther Antiques was another international dealer I was very happy to see for the first time since the pandemic! Pat is a legend in the antique jewelry industry, and for good reason: her collection of exceptional older antique pieces – think Georgian and earlier – is unparalleled.

Pat rarely allows her collection to be photographed, since she mostly sells to other dealers, but she was kind enough to let me document a few pieces, including this incredible very early enamel pendant with religious symbolism.

Antique pearl and diamond rings from Abbot and Austin. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

If you were worried my “balancing too many rings on one hand” skills had gotten rusty, don’t worry – I’ve still got it!

Aren’t these diamond and pearl rings lovely? They’re all vintage and antique finds from Abbot & Austin, and they all go beautifully with my own wedding set (if I do say so myself).

An exquisite Edwardian era necklace with a diamond pendant and woven seed pearl chain. I had to try it on! From Basilio Jewelry at NYCJAOS.

This Edwardian dream is from Basilio Jewelry, a new-to-me dealer who I just met at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show.

This is such a quintessential example of everything I love about this jewelry era: the delicate platinum work, the precisely woven seen pearls, the utter elegance of the bow-inspired platinum details along the pearl chain.

And yes, I did spend a while just stroking those smooth woven pearls before I gave it back. Again, the riviere is my own.

A stunning antique Edwardian diamond and pearl lavalier necklace from Marilyn & Co. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

If you’re looking for that same Edwardian feeling in a piece of jewelry that’s accessible to a wider range of budgets, may I draw your attention to this little beauty from Marilyn & Co.?

It has the same dreamy light-as-air Edwardian style and a deliciously lumpy pearl, but it’s a pendant suitable for daily wear, rather than a giant showstopping sautoir.

Spectacular antique Iberian earrings in gold with emeralds, from Sandy Jacobs Antiques.

Now a jump backwards in time 130 years or so…to these absolutely wonderful antique Iberain bow earrings from Sandy Jacobs Antiques. I love this style and I know many of you do too – Iberian earrings are incredibly collectible and they’re getting harder to find every day.

I live for the lush, chunky emeralds in these babies. They look like they’ve just been recovered from a shipwreck and I mean that in the BEST way.

An exceptional enamel vinaigrette pendant from DK Bressler. Seen at the New York City Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

This extraordinary treasure from DK Bressler could only be shown as in a collage, because I NEEDED to show it to you from every angle.

It’s a vinaigrette, a jewel that opens up to reveal a hidden compartment covered with a decorative screen. The wearer would place fabric or a sponge soaked in scent into that compartment, and then they could pop open their vinaigrette and sniff the pleasant smell through the screen when confronted by unpleasant odors while out and about.

Look at this stunning enamel!! A queen among vinaigrettes, to be sure.

There are so many more treasures from the New York City Jewelry and Object Show that I can’t possibly show you all of them…so here’s a slideshow of some of the ones I didn’t have time to properly feature here.

And if you’re keeping track at home: yes, my friends, the New York Jewelry and Object Show is the first time I’ve successfully covered a multi-day jewelry show since my health collapsed in 2018.

My last attempt was in early 2019…and I came home from that trip so sick that I couldn’t remember most of what I’d seen and I needed six weeks in bed to recover. I’m so grateful for the progress that I’ve made since getting my real diagnosis and working with the right doctors.

Returning to covering jewelry shows for the first time since becoming chronically ill.

Traveling to shows looks very different these days than it used to: it now involves daily physical therapy on hotel floors, wheelchair assistance at airports, being the only masked person in the room, hiding compression socks and support braces under my clothes, relying on clients to make sure I have what I need to take care of myself (thank you, Konstantinos!), getting infusions to keep my energy up, and constant invaluable help from Mr. DitL (the world’s best assistant and husband).

It feels so good to be able to return to doing something that I love so much, even though I have had to find new ways of doing things.

Jewelry seen at the 2023 November New York City Antique Jewelry and Object Show (NYCJAOS).

But enough about me and my health journey!

Will you be taking a journey of your own to visit the next New York City Jewelry and Object Show? It’s returning to the Metropolitan Pavilion April 18-21, 2024. You can learn more here on their website or buy your tickets through Eventbrite here.

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