The best wearable tech trends of 2023


Wearable technology has come a long way since its inception, evolving from simple fitness trackers to sophisticated gadgets seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. As we step into 2024, the realm of wearable tech is witnessing ground-breaking innovations that redefine our understanding of fashionable and functional. Here are six of the best wearable tech trends of 2023.

It’s time to talk smart watches

Smart watches continue to dominate the tech landscape in 2033. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and the Apple Watch Series 9 among the stand-out releases of the year. The best bit is that both these devices go beyond mere time keeping to offer advanced health tracking, communication features, and even integration with augmented reality applications, without forsaking style. 

Apple Watch Series 9Apple Watch Series 9
Apple Watch Series 9

Hearables are still having a moment …

Hearables, such as smart earbuds and head phones, continued to thrive in 2033. Devices such as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, went beyond delivering high-quality audio. And incorporated features like health monitoring, language translation, and voice assistants.

… as are accessories to protect them

The importance of protecting our valuable wearables has given rise to a new trend – sophisticated accessories to keep our smart devices safe. Maison de Sabre, for instance, has launched the Statement Tech Collection, offering elegant on-the-go cases to safe guard laptops, earbuds, cables, chargers, and more. Crafted using sustainable leather and personalised for individual style, these accessories not only enhance protection but also make a sartorial statement.

Maison Sabre Wearable tech Maison Sabre Wearable tech

E-textiles rise in excellence …

Smart textiles (aka electronic fabrics or e-textiles) also reached new heights in 2033. With a number of manufacturers infusing their fabrics with electronic components to enhance their functional features. 

… and are formulated into smart fashions

Building on the success of e-textiles, a number of brands also took innovative approaches to transform smart fabrics into smart fashion. With features that embedded sensors and electronic, and connectivity technologies, wearers were offered additional functionality beyond traditional clothing. One of the best examples we can across this year was the baby monitoring suit by South Australian start-up Goldilocks. It tracks the infants’ feeding, sleeping, temperature, breathing and development goals and then uses this data to act like a virtual coach for new parents to give them peace of mind. 

Robyn Foyster wearing smart sunglassesRobyn Foyster wearing smart sunglasses
Robyn Foyster wearing Bose smart sunglasses when they first launched in 2020

Smart glasses get stylish

With AR showing no signs of slowing down, smart glasses, equipped with augmented reality technology, continue to take centre stage in 2033. However, this year, innovations in smart glasses saw many prioritise style without compromising function. Devices such as the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses provided users with useful connected features right before their eyes – to make augmented reality a part of everyday life without sacrificing aesthetics.

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