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During the hot summer madness, the last thing a lot of want is something heavy and greasy that might weigh us down further. That’s why low carb bowls are some of the most perfect summertime meals. They’re all about getting freshness without compromising on flavor, while still keeping us energized throughout the summer.

From zesty seafood to hearty zoodles, we’ve thrown our best low-carb Steamy Kitchen bowl recipes together for those health-conscious individuals and anyone looking to ditch heavy foods for the season. 

But first, let’s dive into why low carb works for the summer.

Italian Chopped Salad In white bowl with red tableclothItalian Chopped Salad In white bowl with red tablecloth

Why Opt for Low Carb in the Summer?

To Keep It Light and Fresh

When it’s hot, our bodies crave light, hydrating foods, so swapping out dense, carb-heavy grains like white rice and brown rice with fresher alternatives like cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles can help us feel a lot less heavy and a lot more nourished.

For Energy Without the Slump

Carbohydrate-rich foods can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels, and then a just-as-fast decline. This is the most likely cause for those mid-afternoon slumps we experience. But low carb meals offer us a steadier energy, one that helps us keep up our stamina throughout the day.

Health-Conscious Nutrition

Because summer is a popular time to frequent the beach, many people seek to lose weight in order to feel more comfortable in swimsuits. Low carb diets support weight loss, though it’s important to remember that every body, regardless of shape or size, is a beach body.

To Increase Your Produce Intake

Summer is a season filled with fresh produce, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy fruits and veggies that are low in carbs and high in essential nutrients and healthy fats. Think vibrant salads tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs or fresh salsas made with tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro!

To Cool Down

Did you know that foods that are high in healthy fats and proteins can actually help you regulate your body’s internal temperature and keep you cooler? It’s true! That’s why it’s a great time to opt for dishes like creamy avocado bowls and seafood salads.

Now that you know why low-carb works for the summer, let’s talk about some of our favorite bowl meals that replace carb-heavy ingredients with fresh veggies, delicious proteins, and yummy seasonings.

5 Low Carb Bowls

Whether you’re on a keto diet or just looking go lighter, these bowls are perfect for the summer season!

Green Goddess Tofu Bowl

green goddess tofu bowl recipegreen goddess tofu bowl recipe

Our Green Goddess Tofu Bowl is an amazing mix of herby flavors and creamy textures. It features tofu cubes, crunchy broccoli, and diced avocados. And the creamy Green Goddess Dressing that goes on top will make your whole season! Greek yogurt and a blend of fresh herbs like cilantro and basil make this dish bowl feel like a cool breeze on a warm day. It just screams, “Fresh!” and makes an easy peasy weeknight dinner.

Find the recipe here. 

Peanut Beef Satay Zoodle Bowl

peanut beef satay zoodle bowl with peanut sauce recipepeanut beef satay zoodle bowl with peanut sauce recipe

Forget heavy noodles. Summertime is the best time for this Peanut Beef Satay Zoodle Bowl! Enjoy thinly sliced flank steak marinated in a lightly spicy and deliciously savory peanut sauce with crunchy zoodles and julienned carrots. Top it all off with microgreens and cashews for extra texture, and this delicious bowl might just become the best part of your summer season.

Find the recipe here. 

Shrimp Fried “Rice” with Sesame Seeds

Shrimp Fried Rice with Sesame Seeds Recipe2Shrimp Fried Rice with Sesame Seeds Recipe2

Want to enjoy the heartiness of fried rice without the carb-heavy overload? This bowl replaces the usual rice with fluffy egg, and trust me, you won’t miss the rice! It also features succulent shrimp with vibrant peas and carrots, as well as sesame seeds for a little nutty crunch. Less carbs AND a protein boost? This is sure to become your favorite thing to eat this summer!

Find the recipe here. 

30 Minute Tofu and Veggie Ramen with Sesame Seeds and Chili Oil

30 minute tofu and veggie ramen recipe30 minute tofu and veggie ramen recipe

If you love the comfort of a bowl of ramen but not the heaviness, this Tofu and Veggie Ramen is everything you’re looking for. It’s packed with shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, big chunks of tofu, and a little chili oil to give it a kick. Top it off with sesame seeds for a little crunch and you’re done! AND, this easy recipe is ready in just 30 minutes!

Find the recipe here. 

Chipotle Lime Shrimp Bowl With Cilantro Jalapeño Yogurt Sauce

chipotle lime shrimp bowl with cilantro jalapeño yogurt sauce recipechipotle lime shrimp bowl with cilantro jalapeño yogurt sauce recipe

Looking for a healthy meal with a little more sabor? Our Cilantro Lime Shrimp Bowl is a zesty and vibrant dish that includes marinated shrimp, sautéed bell peppers, fresh cherry tomatoes, and a base of your choice of greens. It all comes together under a drizzle of tangy homemade Cilantro Jalapeño Yogurt Sauce that refreshes your palate. Perfect for a low-carb lunch or dinner!

Find the recipe here. 


What are some go-to ingredients for a low carb diet?

Cauliflower rice, zoodles, fresh veggies like spinach and bell peppers, proteins like chicken breasts or ground beef, and healthy fats from additions like avocado and olive oil. Swapping out your high-carb list of ingredients with these options will help you stay happier, healthier, and cooler in the summertime!

Can I use ground turkey instead of beef in low-carb bowl recipes?

Definitely! Ground turkey is a lean protein that works well in low-carb recipes, like a taco salad to a keto burrito bowl. Just be sure to flavor it with taco seasoning or garlic powder for extra zest.

What’s the best way to store leftover low carb bowls?

If you have leftovers, stored your low carb bowls in an airtight container and refrigerate. You’ll want to enjoy your low-carb dinner or lunch within the next day or 2.

How do I make sure my low carb bowls are flavorful?

Don’t shy away from using various spices and fresh herbs! Lemon zest, black pepper, onion powder, and fresh mint can take simple dishes to the next level without adding extra carbs. Another good option is adding a dollop of creamy tzatziki sauce or sour cream to enliven your bowl!

​Stay Cool Out There!

We hope this guide helped you not only understand the appeal of a summertime low-carb diet, but also equipped you with the knowledge of how to make amazing bowls with a few simply grocery store ingredients. Keeping it light when it’s hot is one thing, but doing away with complicated recipes and just opting for an easy dinner or lunch can really conserve your limited summertime energy for more important things! 

​Do you have a favorite easy meal that you like to enjoy in the summer? We’d love to hear about it! Shoot us a comment below and let’s share our summertime favorites! And don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated out there!

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