The 5-minute glow: Medicube AGE-R Booster-H review


Saying I’m obsessed with skincare devices is a bit of an understatement. Ever since I tried the Tripollar and saw how it delivered results no topical skincare could, I was hooked.

Microcurrent, radio frequency, LED, I’ve tried them all, but the Medicube Age R Booster H and its electroporation technology is new to me. Hailey Bieber and a bunch of influencers have been raving about it, but how does this work for 30+ folks with more mature skin?


What is it
No bumpy marks, No recovery time needed! Bring out the skin’s natural glow with AGE-R Booster’s deep absorption technology.

Available for
$330 on Medicube with frequent sales ($231 at time of posting). Get 10% off with code GEEKYPOSH.

Is a primer required?
There’s no specific primer required, but you do need to apply some water-based skincare products first before using the device, eg. serums or even a gel cream. In other words, don’t use this on dry skin!

Does it hurt?
Depends on your current skin condition and products used. If your skin is sensitive (either naturally or from using actives) or damp, the currents will feel more noticeable. Usually I don’t feel anything, and when I do, it feels like rapid teeny pin pricks. Not uncomfortable, but not 100% pain free either. On the other hand, you can apply a thicker layer of product which will then act as a buffer and minimize the prickling sensation.

Is there any downtime?
Nope. The discomfort during use is temporary, though again, if your skin is sensitive it may look a little red afterwards.

Is it safe to use while pregnant?
I put this in the same category as microcurrent devices in that they all apply electrical currents to the skin. For obvious reasons there are no studies that can verify the safety of microcurrent devices so I’d err on the side of caution. Trust me, you’ll be fine without this for 9 months.

Treatment time
Just 5 minutes per session. You can use it everyday, morning and night, or as often as you need/can.

Charge hold
5-7 days with using it once to twice a day. So I’m usually doing a full charge once a week

Device Demo

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Electroporation and its skincare benefits

Electroporation is a technique that uses short, high-powered electrical pulses to temporarily create tiny openings in the skin cells’ outer membranes.1

Think of our skin cells as having a protective barrier, similar to a wall. Electroporation is like creating temporary doorways in that wall, allowing beneficial ingredients to pass through more easily. Once the electrical pulses stop, these doorways close, and the skin cells return to their normal state.

I asked ChatGPT to draw the process of electroporation and this was the best iteration after 10+ versions of nonsense. Either AI still isn’t that smart or I’m terrible with prompt lol.

This process allows skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin more efficiently than they would on their own, which could potentially increase their efficacy and provide better results. On the other hand, using electroporation with ingredients that are already sensitizing, like retinoids and acids, could cause more harm than good, so paying attention to which products you use is crucial.

Now if the idea of ripping a new one in our skin cells sounds scary, don’t worry, the effects are temporary and reversible. Meaning that once the treatment is complete, your cells revert back to their normal state shortly. Clinical studies showed no skin irritation but depending on your tolerance the electrical pulses can range on “oh!” to “OW”.2

However trans-epidermal water loss also increases temporarily with electroporation, which makes sense because if you now have passageways for ingredients to get in, well those same passageways allow moisture to get out.3 Again, temporary, but moisturizing well is extra important here.

Overall the studies point to electroporation being safe, but they were also in the context of medical drugs and not skincare products. Promising, yes, but I wouldn’t put this above proven skincare technology like LED or radio frequency.

How I use the Booster H in my skincare routine

First things first: the products you use matter! I stupidly tried this with a toner initially (don’t ask why), and not only were the zaps painful, my skin quickly dried up and it became difficult to glide the Booster H around.

Recommended product pairings

  • Look for water gel or gel cream moisturizers. You want a lot of slip to allow the device to easily glide across the skin, but still rich enough to act as a buffer. Not surprising, but Medicube’s own Collagen Niacinamide Jelly Cream and Triple Collagen Cream both work beautifully with the Booster H.
  • Thick, viscous water-based serums work well too. Same concept as the moisturizer. I really like using the La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum or the Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence.
  • Oils and balms won’t work. If you’re going to use one, save it for after the Booster H. 

Now I do use acids and retinols in my Medicube Booster H routine, but I never apply the device immediately after. I always apply my moisturizer first, then I go in with the electroporation. If you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t use them in the same routine until you’re certain your skin can handle it.

Taking into account that the main purpose of the Age-R Booster H is to help with product absorption, I like to use this towards the end of my routine. Where exactly depends on the products used:

  • When using a suitable moisturizer, I use the Booster H at the very end. I find that they provide a wonderful buffer and I can easily bump up the level to 3 or 4 with almost no irritations.
  • When using a thicker, oil-heavy moisturizer (or a facial oil), then I’ll use the Booster H after my serum step.
  • When using another skincare device in the same routine, the other device(s) always goes first.
  • Whichever product you’re using as the “buffer”, make sure you apply extra. Doubling up works well for me.

Basically the Booster H should always go after your moisturizer, except when you’re using facial oils or an oil-heavy cream, then it would go after your serum step. This is important as electroporation works best on water-based, viscous products, so think gel creams and thick serums. Watery toners, balms, oils, and bare skin are no-no’s.

I started out using this once a day, 3x a week, slowly increasing my usage to now where I’m able to use it twice a day, everyday. I recommend spending more time on the areas with more dullness, fine lines, and/or texture, so I typically spend 2 minutes per side of the face and 1 minute on the forehead and nose. If I’m crunched for time, I’ll just spend a minute on each side of the face, but I find even that can still make a difference.

My usage experience & results

I can’t stress this enough, but using the right products matter. If you pair this with say, a watery toner, you’re gonna experience a lot of pain and very little glow. But with the right serums and moisturizers, the Medicube Booster H truly takes your routine to the next level.

Not that you should do this, but you could apply serum after serum, and the device would still somehow help all those layers absorb. All that’s left is ridiculously soft and glowing skin. If you’re into the 10 or 12-step routine, the Booster H is a game changer.

Medicube Age R Booster H reviewMedicube Age R Booster H review

I also like how simple it is to use. No complex settings, just a single button to turn the device on and toggle between the levels, then glide away. The reminder at each minute is kind of annoying though, I wish it’d just be a beep instead of a voice telling you “X minutes has passed!”

Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to use while you’re watching tv or on your phone, no mirror required. Now Medicube claims there are three methods of using the device: watering, boosting, and focus. I usually do a mix of watering and boosting and honestly, I can’t tell the difference between the two results. Medicube doesn’t explicitly say if there are even any differences, so just use whichever one feels the most comfortable!

Results timelime

Immediately: Super soft and smooth skin. Like I-can’t-stop-touching-my-face kind of soft. Depending on the product used you may end up with a beautiful glow too. Skin also feels well moisturized, similar to how you feel after sheet masking (which is also a way of increasing ingredient absorption). Maybe there’s a hint of redness but it goes away quickly.

The next morning: Skin is still soft and the glow is still there. It’s as if you had the most incredible beauty sleep. No discomfort or irritations.

Long term results: Skin looks brighter, feels smoother, and fine lines appear more blurred. I think my dark spots also look lighter, but it’s very subtle. The most noticeable area is around my jawline where I typically have a bit of texture, which has completely disappeared despite making no other changes to my routine. No side effects from regular use, but no significant changes in my pore size either.

Medicube also did clinical studies on this device when paired with their own products and found the following:

  • Skin permeability (product absorption) increase 490%
  • Skin glossiness improvement 57.4%
  • Skin pores volume improvement 28.5%
  • Temporary improvement of skin redness 2.8%
  • Skin texture improvement 6.8%
  • Skin brightness improvement 0.6%
How my skin looks after a Medicube AGE-R Booster-H sessionHow my skin looks after a Medicube AGE-R Booster-H session
Pores are still noticeable up close but otherwise it’s like having a good skin day everyday!

Here’s the thing: Can you achieve similar results with skincare products? Probably. But the Age R Booster H will always one up those results because it helps the ingredients absorb better. You can also use products like the Albion Infinesse Derma Milk or Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum to help with ingredient absorption, but again, the Booster H will do it better. It’s also a one-time cost for the device, though the tradeoff is a couple minutes of your time each day.

Personally I love my results and 5 minutes a day is nothing since I’d be on my phone anyways. But it isn’t cheap, so how does it compare to other anti-aging devices?

Skincare devices compared

Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot
One of my favorite device to use as a busy mom. RF is excellent for helping increase collagen production (ie. plumper skin) and this also takes just 5 minutes per session. If your goal is anti-aging, I’d go with the Deep Shot. It’s just as easy to use and there’s no discomfort at all.

Medicube Age-R Booster Pro
The brand’s latest release that combines the Booster H, Air Shot (needle-less microneedling), EMS, and Microcurrent in one device. I haven’t tried this, but if you’re looking for lifting and firming benefits as well, go with this option. But if you already have a NuFace or Ziip, I would skip. I so wish this had RF, then it’d truly be the ideal all-in-one device.

Currentbody LED Mask
I know, they’re nothing alike, except for their convenience factor. Red light therapy is a proven, though slower, way of helping increase collagen production, plus it’s safe to use while pregnant and nursing. If you want something completely hands free, opt for an LED mask instead.

Ion Facial Devices
They were very popular in Asia a decade ago, these use negative and positive ionic charges for deep cleaning and to help with ingredient absorption. It’s very gentle on the skin but the results weren’t very obvious. The Booster H is much more effective, but ion devices can be used over any type of skincare.

If you have a limited budget, this would be my recommendation:

  • For increased collagen production and plumper skin, consider RF devices like the Ussera Deep Shot or Tripollar Stop Vx (also includes EMS)
  • For lifting and firming the skin, look into the Ziip, Tripollar Stop Vx, or the Booster Pro which has multiple functions

So when would the Booster H make sense? If you’re still young or already have those other tools, but still want glowy and soft skin!

Final Verdict


  • One of the only at-home electroporation device from a reputable brand
  • Easy and relatively pain-free to use
  • Delivers instant results with additional long term benefits


  • Not as effective as other proven technologies when it comes to anti-aging
  • Doesn’t work with all products and results can vary depending on what’s used.

Scores & Summary

  • Design

  • Comfort

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Price

I love the Booster H and how it makes my skin look and feel, but I’d be lying if I said this is a must have. It certainly works, but in a realistic world with limited time and budget, I can’t say this is 100% worth both. If baby smooth glowing skin is what you’re after, this won’t disappoint. If you want to get the most out of the products, this will do the job. But if you’re looking for some serious lifting and wrinkle reduction, I think there are better products up to the task.

Article Sources

To keep my content accurate and trustworthy, I rely on peer-reviewed studies, articles from reputable academic institutions, and quotes from certified healthcare professionals to back my claims.

  1. Gehl, J. (2003). Electroporation: theory and methods, perspectives for drug delivery, gene therapy and research. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica177(4), 437–447.

  2. Denet, A.-R., Vanbever, R., & Véronique Préat. (2004). Skin electroporation for transdermal and topical delivery. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews56(5), 659–674.

  3.  Kis, N., Kovács, A., Mária Budai-Szűcs, Gábor Erős, Erzsébet Csányi, & Szilvia Berkó. (2022). The effect of non-invasive dermal electroporation on skin barrier function and skin permeation in combination with different dermal formulations. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology69, 103161–103161.

This product was provided for review purposes by the brand, but all opinions are 100% honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links, and each purchase helps cover the
cost of running this blog at no extra cost to you! Full disclosure

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