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Let’s face it. Cooking is not always fun, but it should be! Your kitchen should be a place you enjoy being, especially if you spend as much time there as I do in my own.

So today, we’re talking tech products that will help you create the ambiance you want in your kitchen (even allow you change it from day to day if that’s your vibe!) and make your cooking life easier.

Without further ado, here are some smart kitchen tools for making the most of your kitchen space. 

Wi-Fi-Enabled Espresso Machines

You just woke up and the thought of leaving your cozy bed to go make coffee is about as appealing as a cold shower. What do you do? With a Wi-Fi-enabled espresso machine, and a couple taps on your phone, you could have your favorite coffee waiting for you as soon you make your way to the kitchen!

It’s like having a personal barista who won’t judge your bedhead, and it’s a serious game-changer for those of us who aren’t morning people.


Smart Speakers

Who said cooking had to be quiet? Not me! With a smart speaker in your kitchen, you’re the DJ of your own cooking show. Feel like a mellow acoustic morning? You got it. Feel like dancing around in your socks and singing ’90s anthems into your spatula microphone? You can do that too!

Whether you want to blast your favorite tunes, set timers without smudging your screen, or asking for a quick measurement conversion because who really remembers how many tablespoons are in a cup?—your smart speaker has your back. It’s like having a kitchen assistant who’s always ready to help out, no matter how crazy the kitchen dance party gets.



Gone are the days of propping up cookbooks or printing out recipes only to spill something on them two minutes later. If you’re still doing this, it’s time to go digital! It’s so easy to bookmark recipes right on your tablet! And the tablet is your sleek, modern solution to viewing recipes, streaming cooking shows, or following along with online classes.

It’s like having a culinary library right at your fingertips. Plus, binge-watching your favorite cooking show while you chop veggies? Yes, please! 


Smart Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is everything. It can turn your kitchen from a sterile surgery room to a cozy café in mere seconds. Cooking a romantic dinner? Dim those lights. Need to inspect that cut of meat? Brighten them up.

It’s not just about visibility. It’s about creating ambiance.


Smart Kitchen Scales

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