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I’ve been looking forward to sharing today’s post with you since last year, when Shari of Seal & Scribe called me to tell me she was creating this new collection with antique seals and would my readers be interested in hearing about it? Now it’s here and I can’t wait to show you!

This antique wax seal ring from Seal & Scribe features a romantic red seal with a heart that says 'He is there for you.'

First things first: what’s a wax seal? Before modern adhesives, letters were sealed with wax. For special missives, letter writers could add another layer of meaning by pressing a seal into the molten wax before it hardened so that it would leave an impression: a reverse image of any symbols or words engraved on the seal’s surface. This could be a coat of arms, a monogram or – the most fun – images or saying that communicated something about the letter writer’s feelings for the recipient.

People would wait weeks to hear from their loved ones, and when word arrived through the mail, the first thing they would see would be whatever tiny, precisely carved message had been pressed into the missive’s wax seal.

Seal & Scribe’s Love Letters collection preserves these carefully carved antique wax seals by setting each seal in a luxurious, one-of-a-kind ring designed to complement that specific seal and its meaning.

The blue seal is set in 18K rose gold with a Yin-Yang style diamond halo. This wax seal has no words, just symbols: the two birds joined by a ribbon with a knot in the center is associated with the saying “the higher, the tighter” which means that if you give a loved one the freedom to soar and achieve their dreams, it will only bring you closer together.

I’ll give us all a minute to stop swooning, because that’s so romantic I can hardly stand it.

Each ring from Seal & Scribe's Love Letters collection is designed around the romantic symbolism of an antique glass seal.

There’s a lot of things I love about these rings, but I think my favorite is the many layers of meaning. Anyone can give their loved one a ring, even a beautiful ring – but how many can say that their ring features a specific sentiment carved in words and symbols into an artifact that has been used to send messages of love for more than 100 years?

The Love Letters rings could work for any number of occasions, but the history of love that they carry means that they’re utterly perfect as a romantic gift: whether it’s for an anniversary, special occasion, a symbol of self-love, a treasured friend’s birthday, or even as an engagement ring.

Every one-of-a-kind ring in Seal & Scribe's Love Letters collection is designed around and features an antique glass seal.

A few more seals and meanings for you!

Left features a purple seal that shows a sunflower leaning towards the sun, with the words “So I To Thee.” For the person you turn to as if they were life-giving light and you were a flower. (Pardon me while I fan myself.) This setting features a Greek-column inspired 14K white gold setting with diamonds.

On the right is a green glass seal showing Cupid with a wheelbarrow full of hearts and the French word “Choisissez,” for “Choose love.” This beauty (a personal fave of mine) is set in 18K rose gold with rose cut diamonds in Georgian-style settings.

Every one-of-a-kind ring in Seal & Scribe's Love Letters collection is designed around and features an antique glass seal.

Here on the left, we have the most colorful piece in Seal & Scribe’s Love Letters collection: a pale blue wax seal with the engraving of a delicate butterfly alighting gently on a heart, with the motto “Tu Me Fixe,” which is old French translating to “You are becoming my only love.” The seal is set in 18K yellow gold with red ruby pavé in a gradient of hues from pale to vibrant pink.

On the left, we have a yellow seal that shoes Cupid with a winnowing basket that has tiny hearts falling through it with the words “Je cherche le plus fidèlle” or “I’m looking for the most faithful.” This wax seal is set in 18K yellows gold with a gorgeous triple arrow shank that features sterling silver and diamond accents.

Every ring from Seal & Scribe's Love Letters collection is designed around the meaningful symbolism of an antique glass seal.

As a major book nerd with extreme affection for the written word, I just adore this collection. It’s perfect for poets, readers, writers – anyone who appreciates the magic that words can weave and wants to use that power to commemorate their truest love, whether that’s for a friend, a family member, a romantic partner, or even themselves.

What do you think of Seal & Scribe’s Love Letters collection, my darlings? Does it call to you? Which of the antique seals is your favorite?

You can find the Love Letters on Seal & Scribe’s website here or their Instagram here. Don’t forget that every Seal & Scribe Love Letters ring is one of a kind, so if one of these is speaking to you, don’t wait to snap it up!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Seal & Scribe.

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