Princess Cut Diamonds Guide: Everything You Need to Know



Diamonds are graded for color by the GIA from D (colorless) to Z (champagne diamonds). Just like with clarity, it’s not worth paying the inflated prices for the highest color grades, as color differences can be very difficult to see. Often multiple color grades will look exactly the same side by side – again, let’s not pay for things we can’t even see!

Not to mention – diamonds are graded by people, and different graders could give the exact same stone completely different grades.

Also keep in mind, diamond color is subjective, so pick what you love. Some people adore the icy white tones of the higher color grades, whereas others love the slightly warmer energy of the lower color grades. Something else to keep in mind: warmer colored diamonds will show up more against the cool contrast of white gold or platinum, whereas yellow gold, rose gold, and peach gold will blend more with warmer diamonds, meaning a lower color grade will still look white against these gold tones.

Most people don’t know this, but diamonds actually come in every color of the rainbow – these are called “fancy colored diamonds” – rare stones that we love. Take a peek at this fancy yellow kite set diamond ring – pure sunshine on your finger.

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