Moisturizing Vanilla Clove Essential Oil Body Spray


A vanilla clove body oil spray has a warm, spicy, and comforting scent. Plus, this oil makes your skin feel so smooth and silky—perfect for when you’re in the mood! 

Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil Spray

It’s hard to feel romantic when it’s freezing outside—I can’t even think about a sexy red dress when all I want to do is layer on clothes and huddle by a cozy fire. But what I can do is take care of my skin and smell great at the same time.

Winter is so hard on your skin, and body oil helps beat the dry heat more than lotion. Lately, I’ve been slathering myself in coconut oil, but this essential oil body spray recipe smells so amazing!

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Basic Body Oil Spray Recipe

Making a body oil spray is super simple. Here’s the basic recipe to follow, and below are my favorite scent combinations.

Carrier Oil: Choose a carrier oil that doesn’t have a competing scent, is lightweight, non-greasy, and easily absorbed by the skin:

  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Essential Oils: Choose essential oils based on your preference and therapeutic effects. A common dilution ratio is around 2-3% essential oil to carrier oil or 15-25 drops per ounce of carrier oil.

If you plan to wear the oil every day, drop down a 1% dilution (10-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil). And always research each essential oil’s safety and dilution guidelines.

Vitamin E Oil: Optional, acts as a natural preservative and provides skin nourishment.

Vanilla Clove Perfume Oil Spray

Combining an oil with fragrance is the perfect thing—sweet almond oil seals in moisture (no more ashy skin here!) while clove and vanilla combine to create an alluring, luscious homemade perfume. Who could resist?! 

I like sweet almond oil but grapeseed, jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil would also work)

Experts say the scent of vanilla stirs up feelings of intimacy. Maybe it reminds people of homemade cookies? Vanilla essential oil usually comes prediluted so you may need to use more drops.

Clove has a signature sweet and spicy smell, creating an aroma that feels homey and exotic all at once. But the smell of cloves can easily overpower everything else, so I recommend adding it last—1 drop at a time.

Clove is a hot oil that should be diluted to 0.5% so no more than 4 drops per ounce of carrier oil. High levels of clove oils also have a numbing effect, so it’s best to avoid that by adding a little bit at a time instead of pouring too much in at once.

  • Vitamin E oil — 1 teaspoon (acts as a natural preservative and provides skin nourishment)
  • Small spray bottle – cleaned and sterilized


  1. Add Carrier Oil: Pour sweet almond oil into the spray bottle.
  2. Add Essential Oils: Add vanilla essential oil and clove essential oil to the carrier oil.
  3. Add Vitamin E Oil (Optional): If you’re using vitamin E oil, add it to the mixture. This acts as a preservative and provides additional skin benefits.
  4. Mix Thoroughly: Close the spray bottle and shake well to ensure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  5. Test the Spray: Test your vanilla clove body oil spray on a small patch of skin to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions to the ingredients.
  6. Adjust Scent: If you find the scent too strong or too weak, adjust the number of drops of essential oils accordingly.
  7. Label Your Spray: Label your spray bottle with the ingredients used and the date of preparation for future reference.


  • If you’re not smelling enough vanilla extract, go ahead and add a ½ teaspoon more.
  • Vanilla essential oil can sometimes be thick or have a tendency to separate. Shake the bottle well before each use to ensure the oil is evenly distributed.
  • Clove essential oil has a strong scent and is a hot oil so start with 1-2 drops.
  • Always perform a patch test before using any new product, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.
  • You can also experiment with other essential oils, such as cinnamon, ginger, or orange, to add depth and complexity to the scent.
Vanilla Clove DIY Body Oil Spray

More Perfume Oil Scents with Essential Oils

If you’d rather avoid clove or it irritates your skin, here are a few more essential oil perfume blends to experiment with:

Vanilla Blends: Vanilla essential oil has a warm, sweet, and comforting aroma that pairs well with a variety of other essential oils. Try it with lavender, sweet orange, sandalwood, bergamot, cedarwood, peppermint, rose, geranium, jasmine or patchouli.

Soothing Blends: Mix carrier oils with essential oils like lavender and chamomile for a calming and soothing effect.

  • Lavender Mint: 20 drops lavender and 10 drops peppermint
  • Frankincense Sandalwood: 20 drops frankincense and 20 drops sandalwood (usually comes prediluted)
  • Cedarwood Vetiver: 16 drops cedarwood and 10 drops vetiver

Refreshing Citrus: Use carrier oils like sweet almond oil with citrus essential oils like lemon, orange, or grapefruit for a refreshing and uplifting scent.

  • Citrus Spice: 10 drops sweet orange, 5 drops ginger, 1 drop cinnamon
  • Ylang-Ylang Bergamot: 5 drops ylang-ylang and 20 drops bergamot – start small with ylang-ylang and always use BF-free bergamot.
  • Grapefruit Eucalyptus: 15 drops grapefruit and 10 drops eucalyptus

Exotic Blends: Experiment with carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil and essential oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or patchouli for a sensual and exotic fragrance.

  • Jasmine Ylang-Ylang: 5 drops jasmine and 5 drops ylang-ylang – both of these oils have strong scents so start small.
  • Patchouli Rosemary: 16 drops patchouli and 14 drops rosemary
  • Rose Geranium: 16 drops rose absolute and 14 drops geranium

Where To Apply Body Oil Spray

Body oil spray to keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and smelling great throughout the day. Here’s how—and where—to apply it.

Shake the Bottle: Before each use, shake the bottle well to ensure that the ingredients are evenly mixed. This helps to distribute the oils properly.

Spray onto Skin: Hold the spray bottle a few inches away from your skin and lightly spray the body oil onto your skin and massage it in.

You can use it all over—legs, arms, whatever. It makes a great perfume, so again, be careful not to overdo it with the cloves.

For a subtle but long-lasting smell, don’t forget about your pulse points. These are points on your body where your major blood vessels are closer to your skin’s surface, so the skin is a little warmer there than everywhere else.

This gives a boost to the strength of perfumes and mists, and it’s a great way to ensure that you smell amazing all the time—without over-applying perfume. 

Wash Hands: After applying the body oil, wash your hands to remove any excess oil and prevent it from transferring onto other surfaces.


I like to use a small 2 oz spray bottle. Always store your body oil spray in a cool, dark place to prolong its shelf life.

For portability, this can be used in a rollerball container as well—then it’s super easy to discreetly apply and freshen up anywhere, anytime. Just roll over where you want to apply and massage it in to activate the perfume a little and give you a signature scent.


What is a DIY body oil spray?

A DIY body oil spray is a homemade concoction that combines essential oils with carrier oils and other ingredients to create a fragrant and moisturizing oil spray that can be applied to the body.

How many drops of essential oils should I use in my body oil spray?

The recommended amount of essential oils for a body oil spray is usually around 15-25 drops per ounce of carrier oil. However, you can adjust the amount based on your personal preference and desired scent strength. Don’t use any essential oils that you’ve had a bad reaction to previously.

Can I mix different essential oils in my body oil spray?

Yes, you can mix different essential oils to create your own unique fragrance. Experiment with various combinations of essential oils to find your favorite scent profile.

Can I use fragrance oils instead of essential oils in my body oil spray?

While fragrance oils may be used in body oil sprays, it’s important to note that they are synthetic fragrances so only use ones that are safe for use on the skin.

Can I use this body oil spray on my entire body?

Yes, you can use this body oil spray on your body to moisturize and nourish dry skin, but avoid sensitive areas like the face and mucous membranes.

How long does the scent of the body oil spray last?

Body oil spray scents can vary depending on the types and amounts of essential oils used, as well as your personal body chemistry. 

Need more ways to smell good this Valentine’s Day? There’s nothing like a homemade signature perfume:

Photos by Ana Stanciu


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