In 2020, Valentine’s Day Is Extra Time for Your Friends – And Yourself


Take your gorgeous body to your real friends this Valentine’s Day and hang outttttt…

There’s been a lot of talk in 2020 about the importance of nurturing friendships in this bizarre dimension where our relationship with digital platforms often masquerades as real quality time. It’s kind of like a hummingbird drinking sugar water from one of those little glass feeders you see at your grandma’s house: beautiful to watch – still, the hummingbird isn’t getting real nutrition, and the flowers aren’t getting pollinated with all of these delicious distractions. In moderation, it’s a wonderful thing. Are we practicing moderation, though? Take your gorgeous little hummingbird body to your real friends and flowers this Valentine’s Day and hang outttttt. Like, toast something sparkling, roll around on a floor covered in blankets and pillows, have some laughs! 

If you have a significant other, celebrate them, too! If not, celebrate yourself! And the babes that have shown up when they said they would. That seems like the real gauge for friendship lately, anyway… the people that keep their relaxed promises. Do what they said they would do, when they said they’d do it. Make it more fun because they’re down to clown. Surprise you by how much they add to the experience you thought would be fine, and now it’s hella tight. Never make you feel like an empty battery. Recharge you with fresh material for all of your outside jokes. There’s just a lotttttt to value about IRL lounge time. 

And yeah, why not exchange little gifts? Even if it’s with yourself. Valentines are one of the small joys in our lives that, as kids, we look forward to – let’s bring them back as adults, bay bay! Below, a few things that are just fresh, interesting, and mother-earth-friendly enough to share on a holiday that we are reclaiming for the forever-cools in your life:


No sugar, no dairy, and the promise of a chill time with enhanced focus – plus, its packaging is like its own Valentine — you could even give it to a coworker you’re trying to woo into being more than just an office buddy. Short and sweet and considered! 

Everyone can use some underwear eventually. These are adorable in that have-it-all-together-down-to-my-base-layer way. The little ribbon accessories are so sweet. French girls would look at these and think “Americans really have it all, don’t they…”

Wouldn’t you want someone to buy this for you and have it just appear in your life one day? If they haven’t yet, get one for yourself – it’ll save your body from chemicals and the planet from a ton of non-recyclable waste.  No one you’re spending V-Day with is afraid of periods in 2020, anyway! 

This is like a foam roller for your face – use it in the tub or share it with your friends, it’s crystal so they’ll keep it forever. Plus, it loosens up tight jaws for anyone that’s so stressed they grind their teeth (all of us?!)


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