If You Could Bring Back One Beauty Brand, Which One Would You Choose?


becca cosmetics flat lay monday poll july 17
Becca, back in the day

I was thinking about the beautiful striped powder blushes that Cargo used to make (remember them?) and fell into a rabbit hole of reminiscing about long-lost beauty products that I used to wear and love, le sigh! Anywho, Cargo was around until recently, it seems, but their Instagram stopped updating circa 2021, and they don’t seem to have an official presence online. I wonder what happened to them?

becca chrissy teigen closeup
A makeup trip down memory lane

As much as I enjoyed wearing Cargo, though, I would probably bring back a different brand. Remember Becca? I used to really love them. I know that technically they still exist as a sub-brand under Smashbox, but they only have a few products available, and they’re not super exciting. I’d take it back to the time when they were doing collections like Lost Weekend and Halcyon Days.

Take me back!

How about you? If you could bring back one beauty brand and restore it to its glory, which one would you choose?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Friday! I hope you felt some happiness this week. 🙂 We’ve got the weekend to look forward to, yay!

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