How To Make Jasmine Perfume Body Spray + 5 Scent Blends


Inspired by the desire for a light summer fragrance, this jasmine perfume is gently moisturizing, with an intoxicating scent. The witch hazel will refresh and tone your skin, while the glycerin provides moisture, and the essential oils give a pleasant fragrance.

Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body SprayJasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray

As we head into the warm season, I find myself paring down my beauty routines in preparation for the lazy days ahead. Dark and sultry winter makeup gives way to a fresh face (a swipe of mascara, bb cream, and maybe a bit of lip tint), blow-outs turn into tousled, air-dried hair and fragrances lighten up.

Come summer, my essential oil perfumes and oil-based fragrances start to seem heavy in the heat and I want something that feels weightless.