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This Grilled Chicken Sandwich is nothing like the afterthought grilled chicken sandwiches you’ve seen on fast food menus. With a scrumptious honey Dijon marinade, the chicken is juicy, flavorful, and ready to be assembled into your ideal sandwich!

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with healthy toppings on a bun

Why You’ll Love This Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

  • Perfectly Cooked Chicken. Grilled chicken can often be bland, dry, and rubbery. This grilled chicken sandwich (and my Grilled Chicken Tenders) is the redemption. It’s marinated in a blend of honey, garlic, lemon juice, and a touch of Dijon. The chicken is moist, juicy, and delicious enough to enjoy on its own.
  • Great for a Crowd. Need to serve a large group of people? This grilled chicken sandwich has you covered! For a group, you can marinate as many chicken breasts as you need in advance, fire them off just before serving, then let your guests assemble their own. Prepare to be praised!
  • Fast and Healthy. While making this grilled chicken sandwich may not be faster than a drive-through, it isn’t too far off. This sandwich is ready in under an hour (with 30 minutes of marinating time). Plus, these grilled chicken sandwiches are healthier than anything you’d get from a fast food joint!
Grilled chicken breasts on a white plate

5 Star Review

“Made these delicious grilled chicken sandwiches tonight and my picky 7 year olds (and hubby and I) gave it 2 thumbs up—a first!”

— Janet —

How to Make the Best Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The Ingredients

  • Chicken Breast. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts create a healthy, protein-packed, crowd-pleasing sandwich. (Want to know how to grill chicken like a pro? Check out my Grilled Chicken Breast.)
  • Honey. Adds delicious sweetness to the chicken marinade and helps it caramelize as it cooks.
  • Dijon. The tangy mustard flavor of Dijon gives depth to the marinade.
  • Lemon Juice. Helps tenderize the chicken breasts. You can swap the lemon juice for apple cider vinegar if you’d like.
  • Spices. Smoked paprika and garlic powder add smoky, garlicky flavor to the marinade.
  • Buns. We like to serve our grilled chicken sandwiches on seeded whole wheat hamburger buns or brioche buns. You could use any type of bun you prefer (just make sure it’s good quality!).
  • Lettuce + Tomato. Cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes are classic grilled chicken sandwich toppings, but you can choose whatever toppings you want (like Refrigerator Pickles!).

The Directions

Four chicken breasts in a baking dish with marinadeFour chicken breasts in a baking dish with marinade
  1. Marinate the Chicken. At least 30 minutes at room temperature or up to 6 hours in the refrigerator.
chicken breasts on a grillchicken breasts on a grill
  1. Grill the Chicken. Grill chicken breast at 375 degrees F for 8 to 12 minutes.
Cooked chicken on a white plateCooked chicken on a white plate
  1. Let the Chicken Rest. Now is a great time to toast the buns.
A grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and without a top bunA grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and without a top bun
  1. Assemble. Add toppings and sauces as you please. ENJOY!

Make It Your Own

  • Gourmet. Add “fancy” toppings like caramelized onions and Sauteed Mushrooms, plus an elevated cheese like Brie, gouda, or fontina.
  • Oniony. For a delicious topping upgrade, try my Quick Pickled Onions. Or, add caramelized onions.
  • Spicy. Looking for a chicken sandwich reminiscent of your favorite from Chick-fil-A? Don’t miss my Spicy Chicken Sandwich.
  • Honey Mustard. Slather your bun with honey mustard before assembling the sandwich.
  • Buffalo. For a little kick, add Buffalo sauce to your chicken sandwich bun.
  • BBQ. BBQ sauce goes well on a chicken sandwich (I recommend my homemade Barbecue Sauce).
  • Pesto. Use Mozzarella cheese for your sandwich and spread Basil Pesto onto your bottom bun. YUM!
  • Club. Add slices of Baked Bacon or Air Fryer Bacon. Instead of a bun, use sourdough slices and toast your sandwich on a panini press.
  • Tex-Mex. Adding avocado slices and jalapeno to your chicken sandwich. You could add the Best Guacamole and salsa too.
  • Ranch. Spread your bun with Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip.
A healthy grilled chicken sandwich with tomato on a bunA healthy grilled chicken sandwich with tomato on a bun

Meal Prep Tip

For easy, grab-and-go sandwiches all week long, grill the chicken breasts as directed and refrigerate them in an airtight storage container. Prep any toppings you’d like to use and slice the buns (if needed).

What to Serve with a Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The best grilled chicken sandwich on a bun with cheeseThe best grilled chicken sandwich on a bun with cheese

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Treat Your Chicken Right. Don’t overcook your chicken! This is juicy chicken sandwich rule #1. Also, marinating is not optional. The marinade (especially the salt in the marinade) both flavors the chicken and makes it more moist (see this Chicken Marinade for more information).
  • Keep It From Getting Soggy. It’s all in the preparation! You can assemble a chicken sandwich in any order, but personally, I prefer to start with a crisp lettuce leaf to make sure the bottom bun doesn’t become soggy while I am eating the sandwich.
  • Be Picky About Your Bun. I have had many a restaurant sandwich (or Turkey Burger) not live up to its potential, because the bun was lackluster (little flavor, too thick or too thin, flimsy, dry, etc.). Brioche is always a good choice.
  • Try It With Chicken Thighs. While I haven’t made this sandwich with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, you could certainly try it with these Grilled Chicken Thighs. The thighs usually cook for about 4-6 minutes on each side (depending on the type of grill and its temperature), but be sure to use an instant-read meat thermometer to check them for doneness. (For a sandwich that uses chicken thighs, don’t miss my Pulled Chicken Sandwich.)



  • 4 seeded whole wheat hamburger buns
  • non-fat plain Greek yogurt or mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, or a mix
  • sliced cheddar cheese or Swiss or aged cheddar cheese
  • sliced RIPE tomatoes or swap sun-dried tomatoes
  • lettuce, spinach, or arugula
  • thinly sliced red onions or Pickled Onions or dill pickles, optional

  • Marinate the chicken: Lightly pound the chicken into an even, 1/2-inch thickness (I place a sheet of plastic over the top first for easy cleanup). Place in a large ziptop bag or a shallow dish for marinating.

  • Add the oil, lemon juice, honey, Dijon, smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Toss to evenly coat the chicken. Let marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes, or place in the refrigerator for up to 6 hours. (If marinating for more than 30 minutes, rotate the chicken once or twice throughout.)

  • When ready to cook, heat an outdoor gas or charcoal grill (or an indoor grill pan) to medium-high, about 375°F. Grill the chicken for 8 to 12 minutes, flipping halfway through. When the chicken is nearing the end of its cooking time, place a slice of cheese on top to melt it. The chicken is done when it reaches 155 to 160°F on an instant read thermometer (chicken is considered safe to eat at 165°F, but its temperature will rise as it rests. DO NOT overcook or the chicken will be dry).

  • Let rest for 5 minutes.

  • If desired, place the buns cut-sides down on the grill to toast (or toast them briefly under the oven’s broiler, cut-sides up).

  • Assemble the sandwiches: spread the cut side of the bottom bun with Greek yogurt and/or Dijon mustard and/or mayo. Top with lettuce and tomato. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper, then add the chicken and onion (or place the chicken on first; just know the bottom bun will get a little soggy). Add the top bun and onions if desired. Enjoy immediately.

  • TO STORE: Refrigerate the grilled chicken in an airtight storage container for up to 4 days. Store the buns at room temperature. 
  • TO REHEAT: Gently rewarm chicken on a baking sheet in the oven at 350°F or in the microwave. Toast buns in the oven as well if desired. 
  • TO FREEZE: Freeze the grilled chicken in an airtight, freezer-safe storage container for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating. Freeze buns in an airtight freezer-safe ziptop bag. Thaw at room temperature or toast from frozen. 

Serving: 1sandwich, with bunCalories: 342kcalCarbohydrates: 28gProtein: 29gFat: 13gSaturated Fat: 2gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2gMonounsaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 72mgPotassium: 539mgFiber: 2gSugar: 10gVitamin A: 531IUVitamin C: 3mgCalcium: 56mgIron: 3mg

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