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Despite being a powerful antioxidant that can improve your health, glutathione might not be as well recognized as vitamin C. Three amino acids—glutamate, glycine, and cysteine—combine to form glutathione. It has the name tripeptide for this reason. The body produces glutathione to help in the battle against free radicals for cellular health. We are at risk from free radicals because of things like stress, alcoholism, environmental pollution, and other factors. Free radicals can damage DNA and cells if they are not managed. One of the most potent antioxidants, glutathione is essential for the body’s ability to repair tissue, boost immunity, eliminate fat, and brighten skin.

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Glutathione IV therapy with vitamin C is an excellent technique to give oneself a boost as an intravenous antioxidant therapy. One of the most potent antioxidants, glutathione is essential for the body’s ability to repair tissue, boost immunity, eliminate fat, and brighten skin. Antioxidants are essential for defending our cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, which are molecules produced by food and environmental elements breaking down. Oxidative stress, which destroys cells and impairs bodily function, can be brought on by free radicals. However, a session of intravenous antioxidant therapy will aid your body in fending off these adverse consequences from the inside out. It is different from many other oxidants in that it is produced naturally in the body. If the body is not producing enough glutathione on its own, then a glutathione IV drip can be used as a source of supplementation.

What Does Glutathione IV Therapy Do

Low oxidants in the body may cause many problems like decreased energy, fatigue, brain fog, and joint and head pain. Additionally, low glutathione manifests itself in ageing symptoms such as wrinkles and skin elasticity loss. The infusion of IV drips elevates the supply of oxidants in the body. For medical illnesses such as heart disease, glaucoma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and more, glutathione is a valuable therapeutic component.

Antioxidant Properties Of Glutathione

Glutathione protects the body from free radicals. The antioxidant effects of glutathione may help with symptoms of:

  • Autoimmune conditions: Glutathione shields cell mitochondria against the effects of autoimmune conditions like lupus by removing free radicals.
  • Diseases that produce inflammation: In illnesses like ulcerative colitis, glutathione may also lessen the oxidative damage brought on by inflammation.

Benefits Of Glutathione IV Drip Therapy

Glutathione provides benefits for overall health. It is more beneficial when given intravenously instead of as a pill. This is the only reason why IVs are administered directly to the bloodstream. However, because oral medications or supplements must first pass through the digestive system, their effectiveness and maximum absorption are reduced.

Other Benefits Include

  • Immune Support: Fighting off colds and the flu requires a strong immune system. Your immune system’s T-cell lymphocytes are strengthened by glutathione so that they can continue to fight off foreign pathogens. It’s a worthy addition to our Immune Plus IV, which also contains the potent antiviral vitamins C and zinc as well as an intramuscular injection of vitamin D.
  • Pain Relief: Pain in joints and muscles can occur due to their overuse. In these types of problems, the body starts triggering its inflammatory response to start the healing process. Glutathione helps to ease these pains and subside the inflammation.
  • Skin and Ageing: This therapy is useful for cosmetic and medical skin problems.
  • Improves Sleep: Glutathione enhances the cardiac rhythms of the body. It helps to get enough sleep, which refreshes the mind and body.

Ayurvedic View

It is correlated with Rasyan Chikitsa in Ayurveda. Rasayan is a remedy or means by which juice, blood, etc. are administered into the body. Some Acharyas have called it a medicine that destroys old age and disease. The main function of Rasayan is longevity and good health.

Definition Of Rasayan

Those medicines and means are called Rasayan which enrich the eight types of saar [twaka (skin), rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood), mansa (flesh or muscles), meda (fat), asthi (bones), majja (bone marrow) and shukra (seminal fluid)] of the body and thereby establish good health and longevity.

Benefits Of Rasayan

  • Great senses
  • Great grasping
  • Puberty
  • Sharp memory
  • Good health
  • Beautiful voice
  • Long life of the individual
  • Good complexion

Some Of The Rasayan In The Ayurvedic Literature

  1. Brahma Rasayana
  2. Haritaki Rasayan
  3. Naagbala Rasayan

Alternative Of Glutathione IV Drip Therapy By Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is an herbal pharmaceutical company that manufactures pure herbal products. The main purpose of the company is to spread Ayurveda worldwide. The company targets providing the best products to people as much as they can. Products that are manufactured by the company are free of any impurities or adulterants. Here is a list of some rasayanas by Planet Ayurveda.

Products List



  1. Amalaki Rasayan – 1 capsule twice a day after meal with plain water.
  2. Liver Detox Formula – 1 capsule twice daily after a meal with plain water.
  3. Gandhak Rasayan – 2 tablets twice daily after meal with lukewarm water.
  4. Green Essentials – 2 capsules twice daily after a meal with plain water.

Products Description

1. Amalaki Rasayan

This is an herbal formulation by Planet Ayurveda that contains the ingredient Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) itself. Antipyretic, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, cytoprotective, antitussive, analgesic, and gastroprotective effects are all exhibited by Amalaki rasayana. Additionally, it improves memory and lowers blood cholesterol levels. It also shields tissues from radiation harm when consumed.

2. Liver Detox Formula

It is a wonderful Planet Ayurvedic recipe made with ingredients like Kalmegha (Andrographis paniculata), Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa), Katuki (Picrorhiza kurroa), and many more. It promotes improved digestion and offers defence against fatty liver. It has a strong cleansing effect on the liver and aids in the removal of impurities from the body. It strengthens the liver by acting as a liver tonic.

3. Gandhak Rasayan

This is the classic formulation of Planet Ayurveda, with Shuddha Gandhak (purified sulphur) as the main ingredient. It is a beneficial potion that ensures the body is clear of harmful pollutants while nourishing the system from the inside out. It promotes positive health and immunity in the body. It might make you hungry, aid in lessening skin redness or irritation, aid with lung management, aid in bringing down joint swelling, aid with pain relief, and aid in controlling blood sugar levels. Allergies may also benefit. It also helps in tissue healing. It is also useful for regaining energy and facilitating better digestion. It also helps control postoperative discomfort.

4. Green Essentials

This is the formulation of Planet Ayurveda, which has ingredients like grape seeds (Vitis vinifera), wheat grass (Triticulum aestivum), spirulina (Spirulina platensis), and some others. These capsules help to regulate the blood pressure, improve the elasticity of the muscles, enhance the brain functions, regulate the kidney functions, detoxify the blood, improve immunity, maintain iron levels in the body, and prevent ageing.


Glutathione IV therapy with vitamin C is an excellent technique to give oneself a boost as an intravenous antioxidant therapy. It is correlated with Rasyan Chikitsa in Ayurveda. There are many rasayanas mentioned in the literature of many acharyas. Planet Ayurveda is the platform that provides the best medicines to people. There is a broad list of rasayanas in the Ayurvedic samhitas. Planet Ayurveda is the Company that provides the best rasayanas.

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