Frankincense Mango Cuticle Balm for Nail Growth + Strengthening


This homemade cuticle balm is made with a blend of naturally hydrating ingredients, like wheat germ oil and mango butter, along with a blend of essential oils for nail growth and strengthening. Massage these oils into your nails every night for stronger, healthier nails.

Frankincense Cuticle Balm for Nail Growth + StrengtheningFrankincense Cuticle Balm for Nail Growth + Strengthening

Of all the balms you use daily, cuticle balm probably isn’t at the top of your list. But for the sake of your hands, it should be! Harsh weather conditions, nutrient deficiencies, frequent handwashing, and even harsh soaps or hand sanitizers can lead to dry, cracked cuticles and weak nails.

Love bare nails? This balm will give your nails a gorgeous sheen, making your hands and nails look better in seconds.

Diehard nail polish fan? Applying cuticle oil regularly can help prevent nail breakage and polish chips that’ll cut your manicure short. So… you really have no excuse not to use it!