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Guess what? My Skin Tips is hitting the big three today! 🥳

I look back with pride and joy at our growth from a simple “what if” idea to a robust community of skincare lovers. Keeping a personal touch has always been my mantra, and I’ve endeavored to respond to each of your queries, hoping to make our space more interactive and helpful.

In this special edition, we will revisit “3 All-Time Favorite Skincare Brands,” which have been a hit with our community, and take a nostalgic look at “3 Memorable Skincare Trends” that have shaped our routines over the years. I will also share 3 secret facts about myself that you might find intriguing. So, put on your favorite hydrating mask, get comfortable, and enjoy the imaginary piece of cake.

3 All-Time Favorite Skincare Brands

Here at My Skin Tips, it’s all about getting into the nitty-gritty of skincare products. I’ve spent a good amount of time analyzing ingredient lists and gaining valuable insights along the way. With three years under my belt, I’ve compiled a solid list of favorites. Now, I’m eager to share with you the three standout brands that I find myself recommending over and over.

Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth’s skincare journey really resonates with me. Starting off in 1993 with a deep Hungarian spa heritage, it’s amazing to see it evolve into a globally recognized brand with a diverse range of over 100 products. I’m especially drawn to their innovative approach, blending nature with science – like their Water Drench line for hydration or the vitamin C-rich Potent-C series.

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