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Here’s an easy hat hairstyle tutorial that fits under your hat.

A few years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to wear more hats. It turned out to be my most successful New Year’s resolution ever.

I chose hats for a few reasons…

Firstly, resolutions never work so why take them seriously?

I was joking with friends and stated that this was “the year of hats” and it stuck.

Plus hats provide amazing sun protection and they cover your hair and scalp from environmental damage too.

Wearing hats is a bit of a mindset thing.

People say “hats don’t suit me” but I think you haven’t tried enough hats. And you haven’t given yourself permission to wear something bold.

Hats draw attention so it can feel weird wearing them at first, but it’s worth pushing through the initial awkwardness.

Everyone should wear more hats!


Click here if you can’t see the video above

But how do you style your hair under a hat?

This easy hat hair tutorial is a go-to for me and was inspired by a question on Instagram.

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I love when you ask questions and request tutorials. Jilly asked about a hat hairstyle she could wear in messy hair and this ticks all the boxes for me:

  • I love messy hair
  • This style works in dirty hair
  • This hairstyle is also great for wavy and curly hair
  • You only need bobby pins for this style!

Things to consider when styling hair under a hat

  • Where does your hat sit? ie does it cover your hairline?
  • Where does the band of yourhat sit at the back? The occipital bone is that bone you can feel at the back of your head. Hats usually sit around this but some can be higher or lower.
  • How often will you be taking your hat off?

Styling tips

If you have thick or long hair:

  • Use hair elastics or hair bungees to secure your hair before creating the twists

If you have fine hair:

  • Don’t twist too tightly! Flatten the twists out to make your hair look thicker

Where to find hats

I bought this hat on a trip to Cuba and the boater hat was a gift so I’m not sure where it’s from.

I hate these kinds of answers, so I’ve done the shopping around to find similar ones for you if you’re looking for a new hat.

Here are some of my fave hats right now:

Shop these hats here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Pin this Pinterest so you can try it later (and follow me @hairromance too!)

Let me know if you try this style. I’d love to see it in your hair. Tag me #hairromance on Instagram.

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