Cheri Charlot Paris – A Simple Parisien Lunch


I love a good sandwich, but I’m extremely picky. The bread has to be crusty on the outside, but soft on the inside. The ratio of bread to fillings has to be just right, and I personally like have less meat and more veggies. I am a bit partial to pickled vegetables in general. So, for example, I love a good banh mi. Finally, ideally it’s not too messy to eat, and each bite should be a balanced combination of all the ingredients inside.

Bread is important (and there’s really no better place to get fantastic bread than Paris).

I’m also not a purist when it comes to bread because I actually love a toasted sandwich (or pressed sandwich). I know you’re not supposed to toast bread unless if it’s stale, but I just really, really love toasted or grilled bread.

I have several favorite sandwich places in Paris. This would include chez Alain Miam Miam in Marche des Enfants Rouge for their monstrous vegetable stuffed grilled sandwich or the beautiful classic sandwich with cornichon and terrine at Le Petit Vendôme Paris.

Another small and cute shop that I really like is Cherie Charlot. Cherie Charlot checks all the boxes of my picky standards. Their sandwiches have a nice combination of fresh, high quality vegetables and meat. The ratio is perfect, and the sandwich actually fits in my mouth (i.e., it’s not crazy huge). They also press the sandwich, which makes it a bit flatter (easier to eat!) and nice and crispy.

The staff is very friendly. The shop is small, but there is some seating and the place feels warm and cozy. I’ve come with Bryan before and managed to grab one of the seats. It’s best to come early if you want to sit.

Cheri Charlot Paris
33 Rue Richer 75009,
75009 Paris, France

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