I love getting out into nature at this time of year and enjoying the true change of seasons, even if it means I have to wear a few more clothes than usual. With the colder days ahead, I’m rummaging through my closet for all of my clothes Favorite coats and accessories like knit hats, scarves, gloves and faux fur wraps that I always have on hand. Staying warm and toasty makes spending time outdoors much more fun! Below are some of my latest discoveries to keep you bundled all season long!

With a playful metallic stripe pattern, this cheerful scarf will brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Stay warm and connected with these cashmere tech touch gloves, a luxurious blend of style and functionality that will keep your hands cozy and performing on chilly winter days.

This fluffy cashmere hat features ribbed details and a rich marigold color that will add a touch of sophistication to any sweater or coat.

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