Best Gifts for In-Laws {and Parents}


Looking for the best gifts for in-laws? Here’s a roundup of fun yet practical gift ideas that are perfect for in-laws, parents, grandparents, etc!

*Originally published November 2019. Updated 11/2023*

Hello friends!

This post is the continuation of mine Best gifts for husbands List. Today I have some of the best gift ideas for in-laws. This was the second most requested post after “Husbands.” People seem to have a hard time finding gift ideas for in-laws/parents/grandparents.

Whether you’re new to the family and haven’t gotten to know your in-laws that well yet, or you’ve been in the family for years and feel like you’ve already given them everything they could possibly want or need , I This list has you covered!

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Here are the best gifts for in-laws and parents:


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with photos!

  • Book and pay for a family photo shoot so you can have some recent photos of the family, grandchildren, etc!
  • Canvas Print – I get everything from myself Canvas on request. The perfect way to decorate a room.
  • Digital frame – This has an app and makes it easy for multiple people to add photos to appear in the frame.


Make the gift even better by installing and setting it up for her!

  • Make your house a little more high-tech Nest thermostat or a Doorbell camera ring
  • Upgrade your television with Apple TV or Year – You could add an annual subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc!
  • Upgrade your stereo system with one new soundbar.
  • Introduce her to Alexa with one echo with Alexa or Google Home etc
  • If they enjoy reading or listening to books or podcasts, try one Audible or Kindle Unlimited subscription.


If they love cooking, you can always add something to their kitchen collection!

  • My first choice is a Instant Pot
  • A Air fryer is also a good option.
  • Or buy them tickets to a cooking class!


Airline Gift Cards: Do You Live Far Away?

  • Spend some money on a flight so they can come visit!
  • Or help them enjoy their retirement and take that trip they’ve been planning for years!


Feed them!

  • Try a meat or vegetable subscription box such as: Butcher box (recommendation link) or Imperfect foods.
  • Make their weeknights easier with a meal subscription Blue apron, Hello Freshetc!
  • Help them simplify cooking planning with a meal planning tool like Cooking smarts.
  • Give them a box of goodies from Harry & David.


A fun way to give a room new life!

  • Check out sites like Bloomscape for beautiful houseplants – they give you information about size, care, light, pet-friendliness, etc.
  • Or gift them a monthly plant subscription – check out something like The threshold

Interior design

Whether they’ve recently moved or have lived in one place for a long time, they might enjoy a room refresh!

  • Pour them a drink Consult Havenly – You can get advice from an interior designer online at a very affordable price!

Outside the city

If you live outside the city, consider the following:

  • A restaurant gift card to your favorite place or a new place to try
  • Dinner theater tickets
  • An evening with just you and your spouse! Especially if you have kids…they love the grandkids, but you were their kids first and they would probably love to spend some adult time just with you too!

That’s all I have! You can find more gift ideas here:

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What’s the best gift you’ve given your in-laws or parents recently?


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