5 Best Choice Hair Clippers for Men – Hair and Beard Tools for 2023


The desired level of scalp smoothness is a personal decision. So who better to do the job than you? Investing in one of Wahl’s best hair clippers is a smart move for any man who wants to keep his hair in check without breaking his budget or making frequent hair appointments.

While the brand’s best options may vary depending on your budget, preferred attachments, or desired length, the ultimate goal remains the same. It’s time to cancel your next appointment and save some money over time. So read on and learn about the best Wahl hair clippers for cutting your hair at home.

The central theses

Understanding the importance of guide combs, the materials used and your preferred length is crucial to achieving perfect grooming results with any Wahl hair clipper. That’s why I thoroughly scoured the internet to find the best Wahl hair clippers.

The grooming brand offers premium selections across the board, with the safest option being the Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit, which delivers professional-quality haircuts with a powerful motor and precision blades. It delivers salon-level results in the comfort of your bathroom and includes everything you need for a precise haircut. On the other hand, the Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer, the most affordable option, offers a powerful, travel-friendly solution for a quick clip.

And while none of them are waterproof, there are tons of different hair clippers available, from model range to shape, and it becomes difficult to figure out which clipper you need.

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Why It’s Great: The Wahl Elite Pro is the top choice for anyone who wants professional-quality haircuts at home. With a powerful motor and precision blades, it delivers salon-level results in the comfort of your own bathroom. The set includes everything you need for a precise haircut, from comb to scissors and a sturdy storage case.

This is what it feels like: This hair clipper is designed for ease of use. It fits comfortably in the hand and the self-sharpening blades ensure an even and efficient cut every time. Whether you’ve never cut your own hair before or have years of experience, the Elite Pro simplifies the grooming process tenfold.

Flaws, but not deal-breakers: The Elite Pro may be a little more expensive than other options from Wahl, not to mention some other clipper brands, but it’s a long-term investment in your grooming routine. Its quality and performance make it worth its price.

Type: Wired | Guide Combs: Comes with 10 guide combs | Material: stainless steel blades | Battery life: wired | Weight: ~2 pounds | Length: ~9 inches

Why It’s Great: The Wahl Peanut Classic Hair Clipper/Trimmer is a compact and versatile option for anyone who wants a trimmer and clipper in one. It’s small but powerful and allows for precise cutting and trimming of hair and facial hair.

How it feels: The Peanut is light and easy to maneuver. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel and fits comfortably in the hand for detailed grooming.

Flaws, but not a problem: Although it’s great for precision work, its size might not make it the best choice for full haircuts.

Type: Wired | Guide Combs: Includes 4 guide combs | Material: stainless steel blades and sturdy plastic housing | Battery life: wired | Weight: About 4 ounces | Length: Approximately 4 inches

Why It’s Great: The Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip is a favorite among professional hairdressers. It is a cordless hair trimmer that offers excellent cutting performance and is suitable for all hair types. The precision blades and powerful motor ensure a smooth and efficient haircut.

How it feels: Designed specifically for professional hairdressers, the Magic Clip is comfortable to hold and maneuver, providing a precise and smooth cutting experience. It is well balanced and easy to control, making it the first choice for hairdressers and home users alike.

Flaws, but not deal-breakers: It’s a little more expensive, but if you’re serious about getting a professional haircut at home, this is one of Wahl’s best cordless hair clippers.

Type: Wireless | Guide combs: 8 guide combs | Material: stainless steel | Battery life: approx. 100 minutes | Weight: 10 ounces | Length: 6.25 inches

Why It’s Great: If you prefer a smooth, bald look and feel, the Wahl 5-Star Bald Trimmer is an excellent choice. The device supplied by Prime is designed for ultra-close cutting, ensuring a smooth and precise finish from front to back. Hairdressers have sworn by its performance for years and with a little practice you can too.

How it feels: This hair clipper is well balanced and comfortable to hold. Functionally, it is specifically designed for tight cuts and excels at providing a seamless balding experience.

Flaws, but not a problem: This hair clipper is not suitable for longer hairstyles as it is designed for very close cutting.

Type: Wireless | Guide combs: 8 guide combs | Material: stainless steel | Battery life: approx. 90 minutes | Weight: ~10 ounces | Length: ~6.25 inches

Why It’s Great: As the name suggests, Wahl’s Professional 5-Star Senior Clipper is an experience in itself and serves as a stylist’s usual first choice for comprehensive cutting and coloring. With its powerful motor and precise blades, it is ideal for professional use in addition to home haircuts. The best part is that it is versatile and allows you to create different styles easily, making it one of the best cordless hair clippers to choose from.

How it feels: The Senior Clipper fits well in the hand and provides a feeling of control and stability. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use even during longer sessions if you have to deal with a lot of hair.

Weaknesses, but not a problem: Ergonomically speaking, users may find the device a bit heavy during prolonged use, but you have to accept the strong performance for that.

Type: Wireless | Guide combs: Not applicable | Material: Stainless steel | Battery life: Wired | Weight: ~1 pound | Length: ~6.25 inches

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Buying Considerations for the Best Hair Clippers from Wahl

Guide combs

The overall availability and precision of your preferred guide combs can make a significant difference in achieving precise results. A hair clipper with a versatile selection ensures you can customize your style perfectly. Otherwise, you can often rely on purchasing them individually, although that’s just a hassle.


It goes without saying that the durability and quality of the materials a razor is made of can affect its longevity and overall performance. Additionally, opting for one of the best choice hair clippers made from high-quality materials ensures a reliable and long-lasting grooming device.


Knowing the type of trimmer that suits your needs is crucial. Whether you need a powerful clipper or a compact trimmer, choosing the right type is crucial to achieving the desired grooming results.

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Why you should trust us

As I mentioned earlier, I have done thorough research on various sources including several e-commerce outlets that prioritize customer reviews.

Since individual care methods and skin types vary greatly, it is difficult to prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. My perspective is only part of the picture. However, when analyzing the numerous opinions, this selection of Wahl hair clippers proves to be an excellent guide for people who are looking for the best body hair trimmers for men.

Final verdict

As can be said when purchasing a hair clipper, the factors you consider before purchasing a device from Wahl can improve your cutting experience for years to come. If you’re planning on cutting your hair yourself, it’s safe to assume you know what length you’re looking for. Therefore, make sure you find the right guide combs.

Also, find something sturdy that can last a while; Otherwise, you might as well continue to go to your hairdresser. Finally, figure out what type of hair clipper you’re looking for, whether it’s a travel option or something more essential designed for staying at home.

Overall, however, I can conclude that the Wahl Clipper Elite Powerful Electric Hair Clipper is the best option as it offers all the elements you need with user-friendly, cordless operation.


    • “Wahl is widely considered a reputable personal care brand because it offers more affordable options than most other companies.” The Illinois-based manufacturer has a long history of producing high-quality hair clippers, trimmers and razors and is trusted by professionals and home groomers acquired.

      • As I mentioned earlier, the title of the best choice hair clippers depends on preference. However, the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Set is often considered one of their top offerings. It is praised for its powerful motor, precision blades, and comprehensive kit of various accessories, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants professional-quality haircuts at home.

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