3 LOUD WOMEN bands not to miss at Rifffest – 17 Feb, Leeds – LOUD WOMEN


Preview by Keira Anee

Rifffest is back again for its fifth outing, at the Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds on Saturday 17th February.

A festival set up by band Brooders – who are also on the line up – and Super Friendz who manage to capture and successfully introduce the heavier side of things further north.

The last time I was at this festival was before all the doom in 2020, and I’m happy to say the line up and friendly atmosphere kept me smiling. 

Photo by Keira Anee – Jess (Calva Louise) and James (Crows) at Rifffest 2020 – also smiling.

This year the line up is similarly excellent, particularly so in that the band that caught our eye first, Calva Louise, as well as collaborators Strange Bones (now Bobby Wolfgang,) are once again taking the stage.

There are three LOUD WOMEN bands on the lineup that are absolutely STAND OUT, and well worth the ticket price alone. So here are our top tips!

Calva Louise

It’s no secret we love Calva Louise. But this last year things were taken up another ladder with the release of their Over The Threshold EP and the frankly stunning videos that accompany it. All the creation of frontwoman Jess, as it happens!

Live, they bring all of themselves to the audience through a powerful, political, endlessly riffy and energetic set. Absolutely a set to spill your pint to.

Calva Louise at Rifffest 2020 – photo by Keira Anee

Cody Frost

You should know the name Cody Frost. If not from 2016’s The Voice, her work as a tattoo artist or collaboration with Enter Shakiri, her solo releases. 

I didn’t know any of these things, as it happens. And shame on me, because what I’ve seen via youtube is confident and inspiring. Am pleased to credit Rifffest with this great introduction (Thanks guys)!

Her latest single WOT? Is something I’m very much looking forward to seeing live, after which, I will be begging Cody to apply for LOUD WOMEN Fest.

Magick Mountain

Magick Mountain consists of Lins (guitar, vocals) Tom (bass, vocals) and Nestor (drums). Their debut album Weird Feelings, was interestingly produced by fellow band on the line up Calva Louise’s debut album producer, Margo Broom. (In case you’re wondering, she’s done a stellar job on both). 

Magick Mountain burn ears and turn heads with their incendiary tales of infinite space, otherworldly escapes and weird feelings.

Their colossal riffs, entwining harmonies and fistfuls of wild, distorted energy are carving out a place for the band at the vanguard of a new movement in garage-rock. Be worthy dear reader, be brave and they will surely welcome you into their cacophonous embrace…

Suffice to say that their music thumps and glitters, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing them live for the first time! 

Tickets on sale for Rifffest here

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