21 Tantalizingly Unique Green & Pink Tourmaline Rings


Serving up a fruit salad of hues, the tourmaline, fondly known as the ‘watermelon gem’, comes in every color of the rainbow, but it’s most beloved for its bright pinks/reds and it’s punchy bright greens. And what about those bi-colored tourmalines that melds the two for true watermelon energy? Yes, we’ve got those too.


Whether you love a subtle pastel moment or a blindingly bright super saturated vibe, tourmaline spoils you for choice. It has a palette for every palate, no matter how picky.

Getting a little tourmaline-tempted yet? Indulge yourself and browse through 21 of our favorite, one-of-a-kind, irresistibly unique tourmaline rings! Every color, tone, and hue under the sun awaits you.

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