15 Solid Gold Unique Mens Wedding Bands


Here’s the thing: men have been stuck with boring, lackluster, predictable wedding ring designs for way too long. It’s time for a new era where men get to rock a wedding ring they positively love, that feels like them, and that they can’t stop staring at. Men deserve to get that heart-racing, eyes-lit-up moment of excitment when they see their incredibly special wedding band made just for them.

In this list, you’ll find a few of our bestselling made-to-order mens wedding bands and a few completely custom creations. Keep in mind, any of our made-to-order rings can be customized just for you and we also LOVE making you a custom ring from scratch. You tell us what’s he’s like and what he likes, and we’ll dream up a design with you that feels like him in ring form, something he’s excited to wear every day for the rest of time! Book a free virtual consultation and we can chat about recreating any of these recipes with a made-for-him twist or we can start completely anew!


Want to explore every mens wedding ring we have? Click here to browse the buffet!

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