10 Best Target Black Friday Deals (2023): Smart Home, Toys, and Games


The Halloween candy has barely been eaten, but Black Friday deals are already popping up across retailers. That includes Target, everyone’s favorite store to peruse while you’re supposed to be running errands. Thankfully, the store is offering a holiday price match guarantee from October 22 to December 24, so you don’t have to worry that something will get cheaper during actual Black Friday. Make sure you keep your receipts!

We’ve rounded up the early Best Black Friday Deals as well as the Best Deals from Best Buy. Check our Black Friday shopping tips for more advice.

WIRED tests products year-round and handpicked these deals based on the actual discounts, not just the discounts retailers claim to offer. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide through November.

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Smart Home and Home Good Deals

Google Nest Hub on nightstand

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Photograph: Google

We’re not sure if smart displays will be around forever, but if you want one, Google makes some of the best. This second-gen Nest Hub (7/10, WIRED Recommends) doesn’t have a camera, so you have some privacy peace of mind. It’s compact with a 7-inch screen, which makes it ideal for your bedside table. It has sleep-sensing tech to track your sleep quality.

The Echo Show 8 is good if you prefer Amazon Alexa over Google Assistant and want to video chat. It was $10 less in October, so it may get cheaper again as we get closer to the actual holiday. The 8-inch screen is perfectly sized, and is big enough to read recipes and maybe even have a movie playing as you cook, but it doesn’t up precious counter real estate.

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V8

Photograph: Dyson

Origin Dyson models are paired down with fewer attachments—this one comes with only a combination tool attachment—so you can save some money if you don’t need all the extras. It still converts into a hand vac. The V8 isn’t as powerful as some other, pricier Dyson vacuums, but it does the job with a 40-minute run time.

Target often offers gift cards with certain purchases, and $15 is pretty good—most are around $5, like with the toiletries deal below. The list of home care products is vast, so it’s likely a few of them are already on your list. With the price of essentials rising, it won’t be hard to spend $50 if you need things like toilet paper and laundry detergent. Throw in a Scrub Mommy to scrub your tears off the counter.

If you need to pick up a few things like shampoo, moisturizer, or hair gel, you may be able to get a $5 gift card out of the deal. There’s a good variety of products included like our favorite weighted eye mask from Nodpod.

TV Deals



Photograph: LG

The LG C3 is one of our favorite TVs for gamers. It’s been this price since October, so it’s not a super uncommon deal but still a nice chunk off a pricey TV. Our tester said the picture is vivid with high contrast and loaded with detail but never overblown. Response times are fast at 9.2 milliseconds and it supports all current gaming console features across its four HDMI ports.

If you watch mainly Amazon Prime content, the Fire TV Stick is the streaming device you need and this one was just released at the end of September. You can stream from any service, of course, but it’s heavily geared toward the company’s own content. The 4K Max is faster with 16 gigabytes versus 8. Normally, I’d say spend the $10 extra for the Max, but this sale makes the standard model not a bad buy.

Entertainment Deals

it takes two

It Takes Two

Courtesy of Hazelight Studios

The list of items included in this deal covers toys like Play-Doh, as well as games and books for kids and adults. Here are a few of our game recommendations.

  • It Takes Two for Nintendo Switch for $30: Our writer said It Takes Two is an extraordinary game that’s uncommonly fun, satisfying, and innovative.
  • Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch for $50: A classic game that’s always fun whether you’re playing with your adult friends or your kids.
  • Scattergories for $18: Scattergories is one of my favorites. Roll a letter die, start the timer, and answer that round’s list of categories with words that start with the letter. The categories have been slightly updated since the last time I bought it.
  • Magic 8 Ball for $9: It’s never too early to start your kid’s mystical future. Not everything needs a modern update, and thankfully this novelty toy is just as you remember.

There are books included in the above deal too, but this one works for stocking up on a few new titles like Britney Spears’ new memoir The Woman in Me for $21. Some other popular books are:

If you’re already planning on buying multiples, the above deals are better. But sometimes you just need one thing, like a Bluey Squishmallow. Here you’ll get 25 percent off, but you need to save this offer to your Target account first to activate it.

Retailer Sales Pages

Want to shop Black Friday sales yourself? Here are the relevant pages.

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