You Are Not That Person Anymore


Our mind constantly references old ways of being.
Similar to how a history book searches back in time
in order to make sense of what we experience today,
we look for what happened the last time we did this thing…

…and it didn’t go well.

We pull up our past Self.
The one who was simply coping with what she didn’t yet understand.
The one trying to survive, and who formed some beliefs to help her do that.
The one who was doing the very best that she could at the time.

Yet you are not that person anymore.

So why do you keep reviving her?

What if:
The next time your memory starts to follow that well-worn neural pathway to the person you once were,
what if you didn’t reach for her? And, instead, you decided to em-body someone else?
Perhaps: The person you are today?

The consciously-crafted,
incredibly aware,
version of your Self-
who you are Right Now.
Your Goddess Self.
Your True Self.

Because that person who doubted, feared, worried, despaired?
That person who only knew how to have this response?
That version of you who LEARNED this?
She is only being kept alive through memory and habit.

You can decide to put her down.
Let her go.
It really can be this simple:
Put down that precious artifact of your personal history,
and decide to reach for what holds the most vitality for you right now.

The minute the past is triggered, you can choose to come back into present time.

Try this:
Put one hand over your belly,
put the other over your heart,
and call in
Your True Self.

Make Her your new Reference Point.

You don’t have to keep your former Self alive.
Why would you?
You are NOT that person anymore. xx

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