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Kamala Harris horoscope
Kamala Harris, photographed by Prachatai CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

She’s the Vice-President Elect. And on January 20th, she’ll officially become President Joe Biden’s Vice-President. So what does Kamala Harris’ horoscope reveal about her?

Let’s find out. For some background about Harris, I suggest you read her bio on Wikipedia.

In terms of her astrology chart, we can create her chart using very accurate birth data, according to her profile on Astrodatabank. It says she was born October 20, 1964, at 9:28pm in Oakland, California. Using that data, her horoscope chart looks like this:

Kamala Harris horoscope


Let’s look at some of the prominent features in the her chart.

First up, she has Uranus, Pluto and Venus conjunct (i.e. close to each other) in Virgo in her 4th house. Shown by the green oval, above.

This firstly indicates power and intensity (Pluto) that is welded together (conjunct) with being innovative and unpredictable (Uranus). And these underlying deeper transpersonal forces “play out” through the more personal planet in this conjunction, Venus. Venus represents what we value, desire and love. And being in Virgo, it says that her Venus here values detail, being “correct,” and being very detailed about what she values and loves.

Being in her 4th house gives this combination additional “oomph.” Because any planets in angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) have a louder and more prominent expression than in any other horoscope houses.

And since Harris has no other planets in angular houses, the integration and prominence of these three planetary energies are one of the most prominent signatures in her horoscope, apart from her T-Square (see below).

The ruler of Virgo is Mercury. So her Uranus, Pluto and Venus look up to Mercury for guidance, Mercury is their CEO. Her Mercury is in the intense sign, Scorpio. And Mercury is also ruler of her Gemini Ascendant. Ascendants representing personality for everyone.

Wrapping all this together indicates Harris comes across as a communicator (Gemini Ascendant) who speaks with intensity (Mercury in Scorpio) in creative ways (Mercury in the 5th house, of creativity). And underpinning this communication is a love (Venus) for getting things right (Virgo) with intensity (Pluto) and innovation (Uranus) – the forces driving her passions and communication abilities.

Sun, and its two main aspects

Harris’ Saturn is in a trine aspect (i.e. about 120 degrees apart) to her Sun in Libra, which is also in the creative 5th house, along with Mercury. This trine aspect is shown by the blue arrow, above.

The trine adds Saturnian structure, discipline and patience to Harris’ sense of self and identity (Sun). When it’s needed. It adds gravity, although not in an overly full-on way. Because trines are generally “on call” aspects, that are not as forceful as more full-on aspects, such as the square (about 90 degrees apart).

Her Sun in Libra is ruled by Venus. Which we’ve already mentioned that in her chart Venus has very intense expression. And that intensity informs her Sun’s behaviour. Which is futher influenced by her Moon (emotion) sign, which is in fiery Aries and opposite (about 180 degrees apart) her Sun. And we see this aspect via the purple arrow, above.

It indicates a permanent ongoing connection between Harris’ creative (5th house) self identity (Sun) interested in negotiation and collaboration (Libra) – at least on the surface. But underlying emotions (Moon) are likely to be fiery, abrupt, impatient and restless (Aries).

Jupiter square both Mars and Saturn (T-Square)

Another strong aspect signature in Kamala Harris’ chart is Jupiter in square aspect (about 90 degrees) to her Mars. This adds “always on” (square aspect) exaggeration, justice, optimism and loudness (Jupiter) to her actions and drive (Mars).

Jupiter together with Mars and Saturn also form what astrologers call a T-Square. Shown below.

The T-Square here is may not be overly forceful or active. Since her T-Square has a wide aspect orb, of about seven degrees between Saturn and Mars. Still, it is worth mentioning.

With a T-Square, there is a stronger interactive signature between the planets involved. And the centre of the T-Square (Jupiter in this case) can become an additional focal point.

So while Harris’ Jupiter and Saturn influence her Mars – if we factor-in the T-Square, Jupiter now also receives the focused energies of both Mars and Saturn. And Jupiter – among other things – is the planet representative of “justice.”

Kamala Harris horoscope


It thus means her drive (Mars) and discipline, structure (Saturn) inform justice, hope, enthusiasm (Jupiter). And that these energies are also inter-twined in various other ways, like a family.

Inauguration Day – January 20th, 2021

So how do things line-up for Harris on Inauguration Day?

In the chart below (a 90 degree dial) we have her horoscope chart (inner), the Solar Arc Directions (middle) and transits (outer). This chart re-arranges the horoscope data so that conjunctions, squares and opposition aspects all appear as conjunctions. A bit odd, but it helps to illustrate things really well, I’ve found over the years.

Kamala Harris horoscope

Well, she has several astrological line-ups for Inauguration Day that remind us of the significance of this day for her.

First, there’s Solar Arc Directed (SAD) Sun and Moon aspecting her Ascendant (red circle, above). This tells us that this is a time in her life when sense of strongly connected sense of self (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are now clearly visible and prominent to everyone, through her presence and her public personality (Ascendant).

And secondly, she also her SAD Ascendant conjunct her Mars (blue circle). This indicates her personality (Ascendant) has additional drive and force (Mars) at this time.

Let’s hope she (and Biden) uses her energies wisely, and bring hope and optimism to everyone.

Kamala Harris chart – summary

Harris has a strong set of astrological signatures in her horoscope. They are indicative of someone predisposed to power, drive and force. Someone with a sense of justice (Jupiter) at the focal point of her T-Square. And a desire (Venus) to get things right (Virgo) using power, force (Pluto) and innovation (Uranus) to achieve that carefully and in great detail (Virgo).




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