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What I'm reading. Photo of books by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

Hello darlings,

Happy spring!! (Feels a little late to say that, I know, but I checked and summer doesn’t start until June 20th – so I think I’m in the clear.)

I’ve been sneezy but happy, enjoying the endless discovery process that is living in a new house during a new season. We’ve been very lucky with how much gardening the previous owners of our house did over the 30 years they lived here. Mr DitL and I have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to maintaining that garden, but we’re going to do our absolute best to try to keep everything alive and flourishing.

Did you know about mulch? I now know way more about mulch than I ever thought I would. We needed 44 bags of it to cover all of our garden beds. And yes, I know that because we bought it all bit by bit in endless trips to the hardware store. Mulch! Who knew?

I’ve been a busy bee lately with a few blog posts and some fun freelance writing projects for individual brands. If you ever need more jewelry content than I’m posting here, you can always come find my articles over at Instore Magazine.


What I’m reading

The Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn.

The Veronica Speedwell series follows Veronica, a Victorian era lepidopterist who finds herself in the position of investigating mysteries alongside her gruff and fiercely intelligent sidekick, the handsome disgraced nobleman and fellow natural scientist, Stoker.

I’ve read a couple of these books before, but this was my first time doing the whole series all at the same time. It was delightful. If you like bold woman characters, clever writing, and a good historical mystery, this series is absolutely fantastic. They’re not capital R Romance, but there is a consistent, enjoyable slow burn love story.

Love at First Book by Jenn McKinlay.

Emily is a librarian who, like me, is emotionally attached to a young adult fantasy series from her childhood that she rereads constantly. But the series she loves is unfinished, and when Emily lands her dream job of moving to Ireland to help her favorite author write the last book in her favorite series, she discovers an unexpected complication: the handsome, grumpy owner of the bookstore where she has a part time job while in Ireland. When he turns out to be her new employer’s son, she realizes she’ll have to get along with him somehow.

This sweet contemporary Romance made me cry happy/sad tears. It’s a true book lover’s fantasy and it fits my own personal relationship to books so perfectly that I already know I’ll be rereading it.

Want to see more fiction I’m loving? Click here.


I recently had the chance to serve as an Influencer Judge for the JCK Jewelers Choice Awards! You can see the winners announced here.

Thanks to Shop LC for including Diamonds in the Library on your list of top fashion blogs!

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