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Hello darlings,

Happy new year!! Is it still okay to say that on January 16th? I’m going to say yes, because the year still feels all fresh and new.

January can be a rough month for me: the sky is dark, the weather is cold, and I’m still worn out from holidaying through the end of 2023. But we just had the fireplace in our new house repaired, so I’ve been spending a lot of time curled up in a fuzzy blanket in front of a warm fire, reading great books. It’s lovely.

The sun will return eventually and then there will be fun things to do, but for now I’m leaning into the hibernation vibes and taking lots of time to rest and recharge.

How is 2024 treating you so far?


What I’m reading

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros.

I read this entire book yesterday from start to finish. Not only is it exactly my type of book – fantasy romance with dragons and a strong woman protagonist – the author has the same rare genetic connective tissue disorder as me (hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and so does Forth Wing’s main character.

The world definitely feels like a modern reimagining of iconic fantasy classic The Dragonriders of Pern but with fewer sexual consent issues and less domestic violence (no shaking of women). There’s adventure, intrigue, and awesome dragons who each bond to a rider and have the ability to communicate with that rider mind-to-mind.

I was honestly shaken by how much it meant to me to read a book about a character whose body works the same way mine does. Apparently that’s something that I was craving so deeply that I wasn’t even consciously aware of it. I’m definitely looking forward to book two.

Fair warning: this book sounds like YA, but the sex scenes are a little more on-page action than I associate with YA. There are only a couple of them, but the spice level puts on the same shelf as ACOTAR rather than The Hunger Games.

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Nerding Out at New York’s Antiquarian Book Fair: The fair showcases thousands upon thousands of books, ephemera, and historic works on paper.

An Ode to the Patron Saint of French Art Nouveau.

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Booktails from the Potions Library, with Mixologist Lindsay Merbaum

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