Upgrade Your Next Bath With Skin-Soothing DIY Tub Tea


Indulge in a spa-worthy escape with our guide on how to make herbal tub tea at home. Blend relaxing herbs, skin-soothing botanicals, and nourishing essential oils to create a personalized tub tea recipe that will elevate your next soak session.

Disposable Tub TeaDisposable Tub Tea

Nothing restores your body like a good long soak. But you know what’s not very soothing? Cleaning the tub afterward.

Baking soda and Epsom salt baths are no problem, but when you start adding herbs things get tricky. And trust me, you do not want to spend 10 minutes after a relaxing bath cleaning up a chamomile explosion in your tub.

That’s where these easy breezy tub tea bags come in. Steep one in your bath or drape it over your faucet and let the salts, oils, and flower essences diffuse into the water.