Teaser Watch: Mel Eslyn tells the story of the last men on Earth in “Biosphere.”


“Everything feels a little unbelievable,” says Sterling K. Brown in a new teaser for “Biosphere,” Mel Eslyn’s feature film debut. Set in the not-too-distant future, the sci-fi comedy follows Ray (Brown, “This Is Us”) and Billy (Mark Duplass, “The Morning Show”), lifelong best friends who survive the apocalypse thanks to a custom biosphere , which was built by the former. As far as Ray and Billy can tell, they are the last two people alive.

The couple's future becomes uncertain when they face food supply problems, but the search for a solution leads them down paths they never expected – and offers the chance to “adapt and evolve to save humanity.” says the synopsis of the film.

“Biosphere” hits theaters on July 7th and is in demand.

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