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Tired of spending money and time on costumes that don’t fit and look ridiculous?  Build your Halloween fun around your hair with these favorite characters.


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Feathers and Braids:

You can’t go wrong. If your hair is long enough, why not braid it, everywhere?  We love the feathers and curls in this dramatic costume.  And we also love the way these party goers added even more drama through makeup and accessories. Surely this is a costume winner!





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Rosie the Riveter:

She symbolizes the ultimate in Girl Power.  Rosie the Riveter represented the iconic working woman from World War II. She’s strong and smart, and this is an easy look to duplicate.  Braid the front of your hair and tie it all up in a red bandanna.  Match it with red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner to spend Halloween night as the generation of women who proclaimed, “We Can Do It!”



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Cat Woman:

No judgment. You want to look, well, kind of hot this Halloween?  Catwoman is the way to go.  We love her because she’s a classic every Halloween. We get it too… going from bad girl to hero within minutes is certainly not easy.  And the best part of this costume?  You just may have everything you need in your closet already!



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