Saturday Check In: It’s All About Books Today!


Well hi there and happy Saturday!

Today is the first weekend in a while that we don’t have anything to do or any place to be, so I’m looking forward to leisurely doing all the things I need to do to keep the house from getting buried under pet hair because OMG, there’s so much of it now!

What I want to do most, though, is wear stretchy pants and read. It’s weird, when I don’t get enough reading time in, I start to feel kinda funny, like my brain isn’t getting enough mental food for thought.

Anywho, after chipping away for months at “Lessons in Chemistry,” I’m going to finally finish it this weekend. I’d also like to restart “The Covenant of Water,” which I’ve stopped and started a couple times over the past few months.

Speaking of the last few months, I realized recently that my six month anniversary at the new job at the college is coming up in June, which is CRAZY to me. In regards to work, I’m in a good place now that I’ve been there for a while, but the other parts of my life, oh my goodness and LE SIGH! I don’t feel anywhere close to balancing everything else.

I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions all the time and that something always suffers.

Like with MBB, for example. I don’t have the same amount of time to cover things the way that I used to, and a part of me feels guilty because I want to be able to take pictures and swatch and do all the things that I know I can do, but part of me also feels like, “Well, this is your life evolving, and this is a chance to do something different.”

I’m trying to view the challenge as an opportunity to find another way to still keep writing that is creatively satisfying, but dang. It hasn’t been easy, as you could probably tell.

Or the house. Is it as clean or as organized as I know it could be? NOPE! I try my best to sneak in whatever cleaning or tidying I can, but it never feels completely clean. I’m trying my best, though.

When I run into other people around here, especially the moms, I wonder sometimes if it’s just me that is having a hard time juggling it all. I don’t know if it’s a Bay Area thing, but a lot of people here seem to present themselves as having it all figured out. Sometimes I feel like I’m nowhere close to that, and I wonder if showing my vulnerability is a flaw. Hmm. I’m probably over thinking this.

Anyway, it’s gonna be me and these books for a few hours today. I’m certainly looking forward to that!

Have a good weekend, and take good care of yourself, OK? Try to get some reading time in if you can.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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