Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 814


So…what is the Monday Poll?

Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007).

1. Hair up or down today?

It’ll start off down but will make its way into a semi-messy bun that’s half up and half down eventually, ha!

2. Last beauty product you finished?

It was a big ol’ bottle of L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray that I had forever.

3. Lime green eyeshadow – yes or no?

Um, at this point in my makeup journey, I’m gonna have to say no. But I’m open to it in the future, though!

4. What’s for lunch today?

Leftover lemon pasta from last night’s dinner. I made the sauce from scratch using Meyer lemons from our front yard!

5. One tiny task on today’s to-do list?

To remember to bring the notebooks I bought over the weekend to my first day of work! I’m very particular about my paper products. 🙂

Happy Monday to you, my sweet friend. How’s your morning going?

You’re probably going to laugh, but I am in the midst of over-packing for my first day on the job at the college. It’s been ages since I’ve worked in an office, and I’m feeling the need to bring all the things with me, like, my favorite pens, mechanical pencils, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, an extra pair of socks and a pair of tweezers, among other things. You just never know when you’ll get food stuck in your teeth, or if your socks will start annoying you, or if a rogue pokey hair will suddenly erupt from your chin. Why am I this way? LOL. At least I’ll be prepared.

What are you up to on this beautiful day? I hope things on your end are great. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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