Laura Gordon Shares Her Best Beauty Looks From ‘Hotel Cocaine’


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Already a household name in Australia, Laura Gordon is about to break into the U.S. This summer, Gordon stars in the new Amazon/MGM+ crime-thriller series Hotel Cocaine alongside Michael Chiklis and, let’s just say, the glam is good, as is the very long list of SPF used on set.

Set at the famed Mutiny Hotel—the glamorous epicenter of the Miami cocaine scene of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s—Gordon plays the head of the famed Mutiny Girls. If the name doesn’t add enough to the edge, it’s fair to say that her character “has a crush on the boss and will do anything to keep him out of trouble”…and then some.

We recently sat down with Gordon, who shared her favorite looks from the anticipated series, as well as the skin care that hits her personal life.

What do you think viewers will enjoy the most about ‘Hotel Cocaine?’

Hotel Cocaine is a compelling and dangerous crime thriller that looks at the impact of the cocaine trade flooding Miami during the late-’70s. Set around one of the most notorious and fabulous nightclubs of the time, The Mutiny Club, the world of Hotel Cocaine is glamorous and entertaining, providing an exhilarating ride for audiences. However, it never cheapens or loses sight of the fact that every pleasure has a price. There’s sex, drugs and rock n roll, but at its core Hotel Cocaine brings into focus the high cost many people pay, often with their lives, for that world to exist.

Your character sounds a bit “edgy.” Can you tell us a bit about her?

I play Janice Nichols, the manager of the famed Mutiny Girls at the Mutiny Club. She has skeletons in her past, a dark history that comes into play throughout the series. Her experiences have galvanised her to create an empowering environment for her girls, one that’s in sharp contrast to her own past. In many ways Janice is ahead of her time, but she is still a product of her time, and the interplay between those two things was interesting to explore. 

Janice works closely with Roman Compte, Cuban Exile and manager of the hotel. When Roman is forced by the DEA to infiltrate his estranged brother’s cartel, Janice becomes his confidante and one of the few people he can trust with his secrets. Her loyalty is put to the test and she must discover how far she is willing to go to protect the man she believes saved her life. 

What were some of your favorite looks from the role?

Janice has so many fabulous looks, it’s honestly hard to narrow down. Costume designer Adela Cortazar and makeup designer Elvia Feilx did a great job creating her with me. 

I adore the first costume Janice wears when we are introduced to her at The Mutiny Club in Episode One. Adela found this insanely fabulous vintage, pink-flared jumpsuit with long sleeves that fall like a cascade.

We kept the hair fairly simple—out and wavy, with a bold lip and blue eyes. I wore these platform heels with multi-coloured straps that were from Brazil and they were like unicorn shoes. I could wear them all day and they never hurt, which is unheard of for me!

Another favourite was a pair of white low-rise super flared pants with a pink sequinned boob tube. My hair was teased up a bit with big loose waves and a bold pink lip that really popped with the bright pink top. To me, it epitomized that late 70’s disco fun.

But probably my favorite look of all was this hot pink and black patterned halter dress with a plunging neckline and low back. We put my hair in a side part with a comb pulling it back from my face on the other side. Red lips and nails and some white vintage earrings completed the picture. I liked it so much, it was a repeat outfit for Janice!

Laura Gordon Hotel Cocaine Season 1 Halter Top
Carlos Rodriguez/MGM+
Laura Gordon Hotel Cocaine Season 1 Disco
Carlos Rodriguez/MGM+

Do you have any 70’s beauty looks you wish would come back?

I am a convert to the 70’s jumpsuits. Not the most practical invention but so playful and fun. I also enjoyed the vibrant color palette. I am from Melbourne, Australia, where we have a tendency to dress head to toe in black, or I do anyway. Playing Janice has rubbed off on me and helped me embrace bold colors more!

What are some of your everyday go-to products in your day-to-day life?

Before I left Australia, I got a bunch of Go To products I like to use. In the morning, I cleanse with their foaming cleanser, then I use a vitamin C serum and their sunscreen, Nifty Fifty. At night, when I remember, I will cleanse again and put on a moisturizer they have, Very Useful Face Cream ($57). If I’ve been wearing a lot of make up at work, to get off heavy eye makeup and foundation, I use Mecca Cosmetica Purifying Cleansing Balm ($48). It’s gentle, but so good at removing everything easily. 

Laura Gordon headshot
Sarah Krick

Your home country of Australia is so big on sunscreen. Do you have any favorite SPFs you always bring with you to the U.S.?

We filmed Hotel Cocaine in the Dominican Republic where it was hot and humid—and amazing!—and we spent a lot of our down time at the pool or beach. I wore a long-sleeved rash vest from Seafolly and a big wide-brimmed hat, and I slathered myself in Banana Boat Ultra Sport ($15). I also picked up some Beach Bum Mineral 50 ($17.50) at the airport on the way over, which was great when I ran out of the Banana Boat. I went through a lot of SPF! 

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