Janelle Brown’s Son, Who Died at 25, Bought a Home in 2022 after Dad Kody Wanted to Kick Him Out


Kody Brown | Janelle and Garrison Brown | Source: YouTube/TLC | Instagram/robertthebrown

Janelle Brown’s son, Garrison, had embarked on a significant milestone in his life when he purchased a home in Flagstaff in 2022, over a year before he passed away.

Garrison Brown made 2022 the year of independence as he secured a residence merely a twenty-minute drive from his father, Kody Brown’s, notably valued at $890,000.

Garrison’s new dwelling was modest yet inviting, spanning two floors with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfectly catering to his needs. Flooded with natural light, the 1,441-square-foot property featured fresh wood flooring and a welcoming fireplace on the first floor.

Additionally, the home included a small fenced-in courtyard and backyard, providing a serene outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Records revealed that Garrison had taken out a $336K loan to finance his new Arizona home. He had agreed to repay the loan in full by January of 2052, embarking on the journey of homeownership at a relatively young age.

However, Garrison’s decision to purchase his own home was not without its own set of circumstances. His move came after a feud between Garrison, his mother Janelle, and his father Kody had reached its breaking point, with tensions escalating over family COVID rules.

Garrison’s decision to move out was a culmination of this ongoing conflict. Kody had imposed strict guidelines for celebrating holidays during the pandemic, insisting that if his sons wanted to maintain social lives, they should find their own living arrangements.

“I’m making all the sacrifices, and I’m asking everybody else to simply meet that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist,” Kody stated firmly, emphasizing his expectations regarding adherence to his rules.

However, Garrison’s compliance with his father’s rules had been inconsistent, leading to further discord within the family. He had disregarded Kody’s guidelines, prompting heated exchanges between family members.

During a particularly tense confrontation, Garrison challenged his father’s authority, expressing defiance against his directives. Janelle tried defending her son, claiming he was close to securing payment for a new home and had been saving in the past months.

Kody Brown retaliated, expressing frustration with Garrison’s behavior and indicating his intention to enforce consequences. “I tolerated a lot for a very long time until I realized that I was being lied to or deceived,” he remarked. “I’m on the verge of washing my hands of it. I’m gonna have Gabriel and Garrison move out of the house.”

Tragically, a year after moving into his own home, Garrison’s life came to a devastating end. Reports surfaced indicating that Garrison had passed away, with indications suggesting suicide. Authorities responded to a report at Garrison’s residence, where they found him deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Janelle confirmed the heartbreaking news on social media, mourning the loss of her son, who had been a cherished presence in their lives.

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